Online training for Cambridge courses

Inspire your teaching with our free online training modules, available for general teacher training or to help you teach Cambridge courses.

Are you using a Cambridge course for the first time?

Are you new to blended learning or online teaching?

Would you like to know more about our online learning platform, the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS)?

Our online training modules help you to:

  • use your Cambridge course to its maximum effect.
  • ensure your learners reach their full potential on the course.
  • get your blended teaching off to a confident start.
  • explore and become familiar with the CLMS.

Key facts:

  • Interactive format: all of our online courses contain input, interactive exercises, tasks for the classroom and review sections.
  • Content is aimed at teachers with a B2 Level of English or above.
  • A progress tracker gives you an overview of your own progress. Your institution can also see how teachers are progressing.
  • Work through the modules on your own, or as a group of teachers.
  • For groups of teachers: all modules include e-moderator notes and guidelines.

Reasons to choose:

  • Free: Take as many modules as you like – all modules are free of charge for Cambridge customers.
  • Flexible and convenient: Choose the best time and place to study. Each module only takes 1 – 2 hours to work through.
  • Practical and relevant: Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom.
  • Easy to access: on our Learning Management System
  • For each module you complete, you get a Certificate of Completion(*)
(*) Minimum of 80% course completion required.

Course-specific support modules

These modules introduce you to the methodology and principles behind your Cambridge course. They provide you with a quick overview of all the course components.


Teaching with…

  • Kid’s Box
  • Super Minds
  • Power Up


Teaching with…

  • Eyes Open
  • Prepare!
  • THiNK
  • Uncover


Teaching with…

  • Cambridge English Empower v2 NEW
  • Interchange Fifth Edition NEW
  • Prism NEW
  • Touchstone
  • Unlock


  • Teaching with MINDSET for IELTS
  • Testbank
Interchange 5th Edition
Interchange 5th Edition menu
Interchange 5th Edition Interactive

Training modules for online or blending teaching

 These modules help you make the most of the Cambridge LMS in your teaching, and also develop your broader skills as a digital teacher.


  • Online Workbooks: Learn what makes online workbooks different from paper-based equivalents, and find out how to use these differences to teach more effectively.
  • Blended Learning: Understand what blended learning is and how it can create new opportunities for teaching and learning.
  • Data: Learn to interpret scores from digital exercises and use them in your planning, in order to focus on improving your students’ performance.
  • Class tools in the Cambridge LMS: Discover how to create your own engaging, varied online tasks that get your students interacting.
  • Teacher Development: See how you can use the digital tools we offer to develop your classroom practice.


  • Primary Digital Teacher Training Course: Learn which digital resources are most effective with primary learners and their parents, and discover new activities to bring them into your classroom.


  • Secondary Digital Teacher Training Course: Learn how to exploit a range of online digital resources with your teenage students, to make lessons more engaging and effective.

How do I access free online training?

To access Online Training modules for you or your teachers:

  1. Contact your local Cambridge representative to request the relevant modules’ Activation Codes.
  2. Register or login to the Primary LMS for Primary-related courses or the Secondary/Adult LMS for Secondary or Adult-related courses.


Find your local Cambridge office.