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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

December 2nd 2021 0

Making the Uncanny Beautiful

Section V of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, titled “A City Visible but Unseen,” is not about an imaginary city but a migrant ghetto wilfully disavowed. The unseen citizenry are undocumented migrants in London who, because of the Thatch…

December 1st 2021

“Buried in the Red Dirt”: Thinking about Palestinian Death and Reproduction

As I was conceptualizing a project on death in early 2016, a friend and colleague I was visiting in Jerusalem mentioned a sloppy online essay that had drawn the ire of Palestinian feminists. The piece essentially argued that Palestinian women had difficul…

November 30th 2021

Lost Species Day, 30 November 2021

On November 30, we remember the millions of wild species that became extinct or committed to extinction during recent centuries of careless human dominance. Most will remain forever unnamed, ‘known only unto God’ as the war memorials say. But …

November 25th 2021

A History of Polish Theatre

A History of Polish Theatre offers a new and original look at the complex pasts of Polish theatre. The editors wished to move away from strictly devised forms of periodization, and instead build historical narratives through ‘constellations’, …

November 25th 2021

Surviving Climate Chaos: Strengthening systems against chaos

The more small groups there are, and the more they talk with each other, the more valuable they all become, to each other, to local and national governments, and to the future.

November 24th 2021

Perennial Challenges and New Opportunities for the International Criminal Court

On November 10, 2021, Judge Piotr Hofmánski, the President of the International Criminal Court (ICC) gave the ICC’s annual address to the United Nations General Assembly. In his speech to the General Assembly, Judge Hofmánski thanked t…

November 22nd 2021

The New Climate Activism: What role for health NGOs?

Climate change touches many aspects of our lives. For those on the margins of society, the impacts of climate change are particularly acute. Women, the poor, and racialized communities suffer disproportionately from extreme weather events, droughts, and o…

November 16th 2021

Languages: Connecting Lake Chad with the Middle East

The Lake Chad region in Central Africa is home to a plethora of languages of different genetic affiliations, among them the about 200 so-called Chadic languages, named after the Lake. The best known of the latter is Hausa; with almost 100 million speakers…

November 15th 2021

Negative advertising: a secret weapon?

Much of the advertising we see and hear attempts to portray a product or brand in a positive light. However, sometimes the most striking adverts appear when brands go against this positivity bias, and instead draw our attention to hard-hitting, serious to…

November 15th 2021

Surviving Climate Chaos: Why climate change is wicked hard

International agreements on climate change are compromises between everyone knowing that something must be done and no one being willing to pay for it.

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December 2nd 2021 0

Peripeteia and Its Aftermaths

For years now, climate activists have been warning world leaders and everyone who cared to listen that the planet is approaching the tipping point of global warming.…

December 1st 2021 0

Sarah Thompson – 17 years as a librarian advisor to Cambridge University Press

An interview with Sarah Thompson, Head of Content and Open Research, University of York Library The first Cambridge University Press Librarian Advisory Board meeting took place in 2004 prior to the UKSG Conference, which that year was held at the Unive…

November 30th 2021 0

Tolerating discomfort and engaging authentically – ethical challenges in developing culturally responsive clinical practices with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Australian First Nation peoples’ mental health and wellbeing experiences are holistic and deeply linked to Country, kin and culture. A recently published article, “Understanding and working with different worldviews to co-design cultural secur…

November 30th 2021 0

Meeting our future food demand: Are our livestock a help or a hindrance?

When discussing how we should design our future-food systems we need to consider feed-food competition occurring in our livestock systems. Feed-food competition occurs when arable land, which could be used to produce human edible food from crops, is inste…

November 29th 2021 0

Elephants, Kings, and Comparison, a Conversation with Tom Trautmann

We invited Trautmann to tell us why he writes about Indian war elephants, and how. He touched on several topics in the process: the value of analytical accidents, the recovery of lost knowledge systems, and the power and pluralism of human logics.

November 29th 2021 0

Taking the research journal in a new direction

Introducing Research Directions, a new journal concept that will bring research communities together to solve complex problems.

November 29th 2021 0

Digital Methods for Archaeological Currents

Archaeology has long contributed new perspectives to past events, transcending written records through the interpretation of material culture. Applied to the present, archaeology has the potential to disrupt and nuance the memorialization of contemporary …

November 26th 2021 0

Making gratis greener

In 2020 Cambridge reviewed our policy of providing print copies to Editorial Board members of Cambridge-owned journals. In our Q&A with Ella Colvin , Director of Publishing – Journals, reflects on this project and our plans for a greener future.…

November 24th 2021 0

Dispersion of adeleid oocysts by vertebrates in Gran Canaria, Spain

When we think of parasites often our first thoughts are of six or eight-legged creatures crawling on our skin, or white spaghetti-like worms coming from our beloved pet’s rear end. However, there is a whole world beyond the eye, which comprises very…

November 23rd 2021 0

Conversations with Authors: Gender and Party Discipline in African Legislatures

In this Conversation with Authors, we spoke with Amanda Clayton and Pär Zetterberg, the authors of the APSR open access article “Gender and Party Discipline: Evidence from Africa’s Emerging Party Systems.”…

November 23rd 2021 0

Survivor guilt: A cognitive approach

The November BABCP Article of the Month is from the Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (tCBT) and is entitled “Survivor guilt: a cognitive approach” by Hannah Murray, Yasmin Pethania and Evelina Medin The first client I saw with survivor guilt w…

November 22nd 2021 0

What exactly do we mean by the term ‘problem solving’?

Just like creativity, problem solving is a key skill required across all sectors and at all levels. However, while the word ‘creativity’ can seem to refer to a very broad range of meanings, the term ‘problem solving’ can, in contra…

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