asset-15.gifThe process of learning a new language is complex. However, with in-depth research into language and learning, things become a lot clearer…

Learner English

We carry out linguistic research to find out how learners use English. This helps us understand how we can best support them. We can find out which bits of English learners find easy and which they find more difficult. With this understanding, we can add customised support so that students make great progress.

Corpus linguistics

Our database of language – the Cambridge English Corpus – tells us how people use English today. This means we teach current and relevant English that helps learners become confident in their language use. Corpus research allows us to find and teach the language that learners need to communicate in the world.

Teaching methods

Our research into teaching and learning (pedagogy) means our courses use the latest research findings to help teachers and learners succeed. We investigate things like: 

  • Which flexible blended learning solutions work best?
  • What works best in Ebook design and use? 
  • How can we support teachers’ research into their own practices?