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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

January 11th 2022 0

The Shortest Way into Eighteenth Century Britain

Arguably, Daniel Defoe’s Tour thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain (1724-26) is the single most comprehensive, detailed and insightful guide we have to the state of the nation as it moved into the modern era. Does that claim look over the t…

January 10th 2022

Medicine and statistics- not Montagues and Capulets

In his 1597 play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, William Shakespeare narrates the tragic story of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. The two young persons are in love, but their families are engaged in a blood feud. The consequences were tragic. The impos…

January 8th 2022

Managerial Economics: A Q&A with Nick Wilkinson

Professor Nick Wilkinson, the author of Managerial Economics, took some time to answer our questions about inspiration, the digital revolution, and the rewards of teaching. The second edition of your textbook Managerial Economics is publishing later this …

January 7th 2022

Obesity – blaming and shaming in the British press

Gavin Brookes and Paul Baker The UK has one of the highest rates of obesity in Europe. It is estimated that around 62% of the country’s population can be classed as overweight, while a further 25% can be diagnosed as living with obesity. Because of …

January 6th 2022

Ancient freedoms and modern insights – Myles Burnyeat’s public philosophy

It is difficult to think clearly about freedom. The multiple strands twisted together over time to produce the modern concept result in a tangled notion. That was Myles Burnyeat’s claim, in ‘Ancient Freedoms’, a lecture he first gave in …

December 23rd 2021

Unsecularizing Romanticism

There’s a movement to diversify the British literary canon and a crucial step may be right in front of us. Allow me to explain. The British Romantic period—broadly conceived as the 1780s through the early 1830s—was once admired for its r…

December 21st 2021

Precarity, Privilege, and Publication

If you look at the title page of my new book, Shakespeare’s ‘Lady Editors’: A New History of the Shakespearean Text, you might notice that there’s something missing – the space beneath my name is blank, an empty void where, u…

December 16th 2021

Creating a Country to Save the Planet

International efforts to combat climate change have left many people disappointed. Attention has focused on the failure of states to take the action needed to protect the planet. This reflects how the debate has been conducted at events such as the 2021 U…

December 16th 2021

Learning Values and Inequalities in Religiously Diverse Societies

How do young people learn and embody moral values in multireligious societies? How do Christian and Muslim schools establish and reproduce social inequalities? In my book I argue that faith-oriented schools play an important role not only in negotiating b…

December 15th 2021

A Well Society and Music’s Heralding of Social Justice Concerns

A person’s wellness is not only based upon factors such as lifestyle, heredity, attitude toward health, and personal behavior, but is also connected to the health of a society in which they live. A healthy society is one that ensures the basic needs…

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January 13th 2022 0

The Aeronautical Journal – 125 years not out

The first edition of The Aeronautical Journal predates the first human powered flight by the Wright brothers by some five years. Even back then it knew that there was to be a rich future for man in flight to come.

January 13th 2022 0

Roundworm or whipworm, what are the differences?

When we think of the human roundworm, Ascaris lumbricoides, or the human whipworm, Trichuris trichiura, we tend to focus upon the similarities between these two parasites. Why is this so?

January 11th 2022 0

Reviewing a new Greek Lexicon

Lexica are the workhorses of Classical Studies. They’re the tomes that come most easily to mind when we joke that we spend our days ‘looking things up’. And so, the launch of a new lexicon for Ancient Greek is an event to be noticed.

January 11th 2022 0

Are populists sore losers?

Donald Trump still claims the election he lost was unfair and rigged. Other populist leaders have equally proven to be sore losers in the contexts of elections and referendums.…

January 8th 2022 0

An interview with JHET Co-Editors Pedro Garcia Duarte and Jimena Hurtado

Firstly, for anyone new to the journal can you briefly explain the journal’s mission and scope? The Journal of the History of Economic Thought (JHET) is the journal of the History of Economics Society and it promotes interest in and inquiry into …

January 7th 2022 0

JFQA Symposium on the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Firms and Capital Market

In April 2021, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis hosted a symposium for finance research related to the Covid-19 Pandemic.…

January 6th 2022 0

Reflections on the Human and Technological Aspects of Studying Modern Opera

Over the course of my research into Doctor Atomic, I found myself reflecting on this intertwining of the human and the technological, and how this manifested in the opera as well as in my research methods.

January 5th 2022 0

Identifying “Waste Places” – Charcoal Production in Pennsylvania

Authors Benjamin Carter, Jeff Blackadar and Weston Conner joined each other in conversation for this new blog post for Advances in Archaeological Practice.…

December 23rd 2021 0

Blue biotechnologies: the potential unsuccessful of the invisible

Marine biotechnology, or blue biotechnology, harnesses the diversity of marine environments and organisms that generally have no equivalent on land. Despite the knowledge of many marine ecosystems, there are still many untapped resources that could serve …

December 21st 2021 1

Processing pain whilst pushing for progress, back of the queue and frontline. CBT for African & Caribbean communities.

The December BABCP Article of the Month is from the Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and is entitled “Frontline yet at the back of the queue – improving access and adaptations to CBT for Black African and Caribbean communities” by Leila Law…

December 20th 2021 0

Apartheid Opera and the Politics of the Ordinary

South Africa’s apartheid history is still largely narrated as a tale of heroes and villains. Historical accounts venerate those who resisted the regime, and demonises those who enforced its racialised structures.…

December 20th 2021 0

ASHE Dec. 2021, End of Year Blogpost

As 2021 draws to a close, we pause to reflect on this year’s launch of Antimicrobial Stewardship & Healthcare Epidemiology (ASHE). …

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