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Coding sandpitComputational Thinking

In the ever-evolving world we live in today, dealing with complex situations and changing the fundamental approach to the way we do things become essential.

It is said that by the middle of the 21st century, Computational skills will be an essential skill like reading, writing, and arithmetic!

Computational thinking is a problem-solving method that involves analysing and processing data and expressing problems and their solutions in a way that a computer can execute. It involves the use of problem-solving methods to decompose the problem into smaller, manageable subproblems, and identifying the right abstractions to deal with scale and complexity. Further, it is used to find existing patterns or models that can be adapted and building an algorithm to solve the problem.

Computational Thinking is the life skill that will transcend your students into problem solvers. Learning these skills will help students in gaining an edge in every field of their choice. 

Teaching Computational Thinking

Introducing Cambridge 'Coding Sandpit', a dynamic eight-level series for teaching and learning of computational thinking and programming. The series has been developed keeping in mind the wide scope and application of computational thinking, problem solving and critical reasoning skills in our lives in the digital era.

The program aims to enable the young learners to:

- Use Computational Thinking to solve problems across different subjects

- Make them skill- ready for the Digital Revolution

- Program a computer to solve complex tasks

- Obtain solutions in a systematic manner

- Explore ideas and articulate solutions as algorithms

The series is authored by The Association for Computing Machinery, which is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society. It is famous for handing out the Annual Turing Award which is considered as the Nobel Prize for Computing.

To make it engaging and interactive, students get access to a digital programming environment by Code Monkey. The platform fosters in a deep understanding of technology and pedagogy, and the result is a situation that both teachers and kids enjoy tremendously.

Equipping Schools to be Future Ready with Coding Sandpit.

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Coding Sandpit Book Series


Why teach Computational Thinking?

Who will teach the subject? Which teacher fits best?

Does CT become an additional burden? There is no space in our calendars to fit in another course.

How does it fit into the teaching of Computer Science?

How does the book and platform go together? Are they linked in any way?

What kind of training can you provide the teachers?

Can teacher monitor the progress of the student and evaluate their performance on the Digital Programming platform?

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