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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

April 15th 2024 0

Infusion fluids and hemodynamics are eventually united.

When going to my hospital work, I pass a well-kept peaceful and quite large grass area surrounded by a fence. A memory stone declares that this is a mass grave of cholera victims from the 1850s. As a researcher in fluid balance, I sometimes think about ho…

April 10th 2024

Reimagining Philanthropy in the Global South: Building Communities for More Impact

Philanthropy is all too often misunderstood, mis-represented and subject to broad generalisations that obfuscate its potential, particularly in relation to the Global South. As Professor Beth Breeze outlines in her book, In Defence of Philanthropy, &ldquo…

April 10th 2024

I’ve Overshared and it’s too late to Retract

I have described writing my forthcoming book as something I needed to do, almost like an itch that needed to be scratched.   But now that it is finished, I have very mixed feelings about its imminent publication.  The bravery and the enthus…

April 4th 2024

Is Polling Dead?

Polls are already big news – and they’ll only get bigger as we doom scroll our way through another appalling election cycle.  Is Trump really up in Michigan? Is Biden really hemorrhaging support among young people? For all the attention w…

April 4th 2024

Faulkner’s Material Texts

William Faulkner at his home in Oxford, Mississippi, ca. 1932 In 2016, a handmade booklet of drawings and poems turned up on an episode of Antiques Roadshow from Little Rock, Arkansas. The man who owned the piece described it as “a book of poems by …

April 4th 2024

A Different Take on Ideological Polarization

One of the most common explanations for our divided world is that we are all very different from each other, and that getting along is thus correspondingly difficult.  The world is a very diverse place, we tell ourselves, so agreements are difficult …

April 4th 2024

Not Broke, but You Can See the Cracks

“Not as bad as we might have feared; not as good as we might have hoped” is one way to think of the four years in which Donald Trump put his uniquely Trumpian spin on US-Korean relations. And lest we forget, there was reason to be afraid as Pr…

March 28th 2024

Jazz: That Fantastic Mix

In late 2022, BMW began manufacturing their new hybrid SUV, the XM. The German automaker had unveiled the vehicle in concept form a year earlier—at an Art Basel event they sponsored in Miami Beach, Florida. Promoting the forthcoming release of a &ld…

March 28th 2024

Democracy, Theatre and Performance

We all know that democracy is in trouble.  We are less sure what to blame. Political donations and invisible algorithms? The rise of a culture of personal rights replacing a culture of community? Or from the opposite perspective, the rise of a thing …

March 27th 2024

Gods in a nutshell: divine names in the ancient Mediterranean world

Thales of Miletus, in the 6th century BCE, asserted that “everything is full of gods”. In his view, even inanimate things were in fact animate. His vision of the world, taken up by Plato, implies the presence of an infinite number of divinitie…

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April 17th 2024 0

Muses at 2: Reflections by Dami Ajayi

When the editorial board of BJPsych International acceded to the launch of a web-based monthly arts blog, I volunteered as the commissioning editor. I did this partly because I already straddled the worlds of psychiatry and the creative arts. But also bec…

April 17th 2024 0

Bureaucratic Entrepreneurship: When “good/bad cops” are strategies for policy innovation, not personalities

Since its inception, public administration has been rich with stories of frontline officials, often portraying the complex interplay between the perceived “good cops” and “bad cops.”…

April 16th 2024 0

Recent evidence on selenoneine highlights the need to consider selenium speciation in research and dietary guidelines

There are numerous essential vitamins and minerals that play crucial roles in maintaining our health and wellbeing. Among these, selenium stands out as a lesser known yet exceedingly important micronutrient.

April 16th 2024 0


The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ values and behaviours, Courage, Innovation, Respect, Collaboration, Learning and Excellence combine into the CIRCLE acronym. In the list under Excellence, a link takes you to core values for psychiatrists. One of …

April 12th 2024 0

In an Era of Digital Disruptions, Ethics Can’t Be an Afterthought – Part 2

Read part 1 of this post here. Impact of Ethics Ethics is needed because the present situation and status quo in this area are so alarming (e.g.,…

April 11th 2024 0

In an Era of Digital Disruptions, Ethics Can’t Be an Afterthought – Part 1

Ethics Right From the Start The end of the year 2021 brought an extraordinary announcement that a technological genie was being shoved back into its bottle: Facebook (now: Meta) stopped using the facial-recognition software that allows it to automatically…

April 10th 2024 0

Law & Society Review showcases Law and Society Scholarship

The latest issue of Law & Society Review is an exciting one for many reasons. It contains the biannual Law and Society Association presidential address and associated commentaries, as well as a series of original research contributions and book review…

April 10th 2024 0

JFM Rapids Q&A with Tamer Zaki

Tamer Zaki (Johns Hopkins University) has recently joined the Journal of Fluid Mechanics Editorial Board for JFM Rapids. To celebrate, Tamer participated in a Q&A with the Journal.

April 10th 2024 0

Conversations with Authors: Imperfect Victims? Civilian Men, Vulnerability, and Policy Preferences

In this “Conversation with Authors,” we spoke with APSR author Anne-Kathrin Kreft about her open access article, co-authored with Mattias Agerberg,“Imperfect Victims?…

April 8th 2024 0

Restless nights when sick: ectoparasite infections alter rest-activity cycles of diurnal fish hosts

Circadian rhythms are timekeeping mechanisms responsible for the cyclic repetition of metabolic, behavioural and psychological processes in all living organisms, typically over a 24-hour period.

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