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  • Pippa and Pop

    British English

    Pippa and Pop is a three-level pre-primary English course that stimulates the imagination and fosters a love of stories, songs and rhymes.

    Peep inside Dan and Kim’s family bookshop and discover the marvellous miniature world of their toy mice, Pippa and Pop! Stimulate the imagination and foster a love of stories, songs and rhymes, helping very young learners to acquire early life competencies. There’s a gradual introduction to numeracy, letters and sounds, exciting projects, cross-curricular lessons and a focus on values too. Transform the classroom and the home into a digital learning environment using the Digital Pack for Teachers and the Pupil Digital Packs on Cambridge One, accessible from any device.

    Product Details

    Authors: Caroline Nixon, Michael Tomlinson
    CEFR Levels: A0 - A1

      Key Features  

    Delight learners with friendly characters, adventures, and enjoyable games that cultivate creative thinking and communication skills.
    Build foundations for independent learning with Learning to Learn activities underpinned by the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework.
    Transform your class into a digital learning environment using the Digital Pack for Teachers on Cambridge One, accessible from any device.

    Pippa and Pop is part of a learning experience that could only come from Cambridge

    It's shaped by unique insights from our extensive research and expertise, all to enable teachers to do what they do best - teach - and learners to reach their full potential.


    Supporting early years development 

    Thanks to early years research we know that play is crucial to children’s learning and brain development. We also know that Early Literacy and Learning to Learn competencies are two well documented predictors of success in school and beyond. Pippa and Pop combines these insights into an effective approach based on play and the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework.

    The importance of learning through play

    Play is crucial to children’s brain development and its benefits to life competencies and language learning are well documented by early years research. Pippa and Pop has a strong focus on play, helping teachers to scaffold classroom activities where learners develop communication, creativity, self-regulation and social-emotional skills through fun and play.

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    Foundations for early literacy

    ‘Early literacy’ describes the development of skills and cognitive tools in young children, which prepare them to learn to read and write. Pippa and Pop draws on the latest research by fostering a joy in stories, songs and rhymes, enabling them to learn to read more easily.


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    A world of stories and play 

    An immersive world of playful activities and beautiful stories, helping learners to develop language, life competencies and early literacy skills.

    A miniature world that children will love

    Meet Pippa and Pop, a playful pair of mice who come to life in a little girl's dreams. Their adventures stimulate pre-schoolers' imagination and foster a love of stories and rhymes.

    Guided play activities, routines and games in every lesson encourage children to develop language alongside creative thinking and communicative competencies.

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    All your digital resources in one place

    The Digital Pack for teachers has all the materials you need:

    - Presentation Plus: present the interactive Pupil's Book and all the other components, videos and audio, promote learning skills with routine boards and play interactive games.

    - Teacher Resource: downloadable extra worksheets, festivals, formative assessment and letters to parents.

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    The perfect start to a learning adventure 

    With a gradual introduction to literacy, numeracy, letters and sounds, projects, and cross-curricular lessons, Pippa and Pop offers a well-rounded approach to developing very young learners.

    Happy students ready to learn

    Pre-school children experience significant developmental leaps, so it's a great time to introduce them to learning. This course takes a playful approach in preparing pre-school children for Primary by building their confidence and instilling an enjoyment of learning. It covers all the language required for the Cambridge English Pre A1 Starters test.

    The joy of teaching

    Teaching very young learners brings joy as well as challenges. Pippa and Pop provides step-by-step guidance and support to help teachers plan and deliver dynamic lessons. From accessible teaching notes on how to structure lessons, to a rich variety of resources, you’ll never run out of ideas for organising your students' time in class.


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