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  • Super Safari American English

    Join Super Safari, for a super start to learning!

    Super Safari is a three-level pre-primary course that welcomes very young children to English through stories, songs and plenty of playtime.

    Welcome young children to English with stories, songs, and lots of playtime while nurturing their cognitive, motor-sensory, and social growth. Super Safari is tailored to children's developmental needs, and introduces language through play, enhancing memory and focus, practicing motor-sensory skills, and fostering thinking and creativity. Children also explore the world around them, enjoy group play, learn the value of sharing, and embrace important social values. New Teacher's Digital Packs for 2023 provide Presentation Plus featuring interactive games, well-being and festival worksheets, as well as printable mini flashcards and wordcards.

    Product Details

    Authors: Herbert Puchta, Guenter Gerngross, Peter Lewis-Jones
    CEFR Levels: A0

      Key Features  

    Elevate learning through fun activities like songs and Total Physical Response, fostering motor-sensory skills, and family engagement.
    Introduce language and essential values like sharing and cooperation to children through 'Values' pages with stories and lovable characters.
    An enhanced digital experience with a new Teacher's Digital Pack featuring interactive games, worksheets and mini flashcards and wordcards.

    Super Safari American English is part of a learning experience that could only come from Cambridge

    It's shaped by unique insights from our extensive research and expertise, all to enable teachers to do what they do best - teach - and learners to reach their full potential.


    Focusing on Children's needs 

    Written by highly experienced and well-loved authors Super Safari welcomes very young children to English through play whilst giving them the foundations for success in school and in life.

    Developing thinking skills

    The real-world content pages and Projects complement the children’s blooming appreciation of the world around them. These pages nurture what is a child’s single best learning tool: their curiosity, and introduce them to cognitive activities such as comparing and categorizing.

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    Introducing Social Values

    Learning in a group is a skill that many pre-schoolers are only beginning to learn. Colourful stories and friendly characters gently introduce children to the key concepts of forming a part of a community such as: sharing and helping others. Children can also interact with the stories by watching the animations, following the stories in Big Books, or completing the scenes in the book with stickers.

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    Involving Parents

    Parents play an important role in supporting their child’s education in the early years and Super Safari creates lots of opportunities for parents to get involved in the child’s learning:

    • ‘Family fun’ pages in the Pupil’s Book invite parents to enjoy the stories and activities with children at home.
    • The Pupil’s Book DVD-ROM includes the songs and games for children to practice at home with their parents.
    • A guide to the DVD-ROM games, song lyrics, story scripts and Parent-Child activity worksheets provide further ideas for helping children learn English at home.


    Explore the resource for Parents

    Easy-to-use Digital Support

    Captivate children’ attention with animates stories, interactive activities, engage learners of all abilities and improve classroom management, with the easy-to-use digital tools:

    • Presentation Plus presentation software with interactive Pupil’s Book, Activity Book, teacher resources and the complete video and audio content – ideal for use on computers or tablets.
    • The Pupil’s Book DVD-ROM includes the course songs and interactive games to reinforce the language.
    • Songs with subtitles and animated stories on the Teacher’s DVD engage children’s attention adding to the multi-sensory experience.

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    A super start to learning 

    Learning is a life-long adventure and like any journey the first steps are the most important ones. Super Safari takes a rounded view of the complex needs of a child, focusing on the linguistic but also cognitive, social and motor-sensory skills. This approach ensures that the materials are highly visual but also give children the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to continue on their learning journey with confidence.

    Nurturing a love for learning

    Super Safari pedagogy is developed on the understanding that children learn through play and when a variety of senses are engaged. Activities such as Total Physical Response (TPR), songs, stories and hands-on crafts are just a few examples of activities that support you in creating enjoyable, multisensory and successful learning experiences and nurture children’s love for learning.

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    Introducing literacy with phonics

    Phonics is a well-established method that helps children move from emergent to early literacy. The illustrated phonics lessons in Super Safari encourage children to develop an awareness of the link between the spoken, written and physical form of the word, an invaluable foundation for learning to read.                                                                                                                                                               

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    Enthusiasm and support are key 

    Thanks to its approach and a wide range of resources Super Safari provides teachers and parents with tools to create a happy, supportive atmosphere where learning can flourish.

    Flexible teaching support

    Super Safari helps you integrate the materials into your individual teaching needs thanks to its flexible content and extensive teacher support:

    • The Student’s Book features both core and extra content in the back of the book, plus an accompanying range of practice activities in the DVD-ROM and in the Workbook. 
    • Thanks to the interactive content on Presentation Plus and the Pupil’s Book DVD-ROM you can engage learners of all learning styles.

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    An enjoyable learning experience

    At the very start of their learning journey children have specific needs. For many of them it is the first experience of being in a group, away from the comfort of their home. Super Safari uses songs, games and stories to introduce language and social skills to appeal to children’s imagination, create a warm and welcoming class atmosphere in order to make children enthusiastic about learning.


    A confident start in education

    At the same time phonics, social values and CLIL provide a solid grounding for literacy, social and cognitive skills that will prepare them for success in school and in life.

    • Children can grow in confidence  in literacy and numeracy thanks to the Letters and Numbers books.

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      What teachers and learners say  

      What teachers  

      and learners say  

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