TOK-bite video 2: teaching the new core theme ‘Knowledge and the Knower’

Jane Sly

In the second episode of our IB Theory of Knowledge video series, we welcome back teachers and authors Wendy Heydorn and Susan Jesudason to discuss the 2022 core theme on the syllabus, teaching ‘Knowledge and the Knower’.

We take a closer look at why the IB has introduced the new theme, the skills students develop when studying it, and how our resources support both you and your learners as you work through this new element of the syllabus.

Closer look: teaching the core theme

People construct knowledge, both as individuals and as members of communities (cultural groups, sports teams, professional associations). Knowers generate knowledge by using four main ways of knowing:

– Sense perception
– Emotion
– Language
– Reason

The new core theme, Knowledge and the Knower, challenges students to reflect on how they know things, and asks them to critically analyse the factors that can affect this knowledge. These are integral aspects of the course that we will cover in later TOK-bite videos.

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