TOK-bite video 4 – the new assessment: TOK exhibition

Jane Sly

As you know, the IB has introduced a new assessment for Theory of Knowledge in 2022 – the exhibition. Worth 33% of the grades, and assessed internally, the TOK exhibition looks at how students can apply TOK concepts to the real world.

For more guidance on making TOK relevant to your students’ everyday lives, go back and watch TOK-bite episode three in its two parts.

So what do you need to know about the TOK exhibition? Here to help, our expert authors Wendy Heydorn and Susan Jesudason guide you through helping your students with the new assessment.

TOK exhibition

The video above explains the stages that students will go through when planning and working on their exhibition. Here is a quick recap.

As a teacher, you will need to help students decide on a theme that best suits their interests. The theme can be any of the following:

– Core theme
– Religious Knowledge Systems
– Indigenous Knowledge Systems
– Politics
– Language
– Technology

Students then create their exhibition based on one of the 35 internal assessment (IA) prompts. These IA prompts are open questions that last the seven years of the TOK course, e.g. ‘what counts as knowledge?’.

Once they have chosen their IA prompt, students need to pick three objects they could connect to the prompt.

Students then write a short commentary on their objects, justifying how and why they connect to the IA prompt.


That brings us to the end of our TOK-bite series. If you have found the advice from our authors interesting, then we’re pleased to tell you there is plenty more expert advice in their books!

We have developed a course guide and teacher’s guide that make the assessed tasks in the Theory of Knowledge course simpler and clearer for both you and your students. For more information on how to make a successful TOK exhibition, and run a successful course, take a look at our resources.