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Russia and the USSR, 1905–1991

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  • ISBN:9780521568678
  • Format:Paperback
  • Subject(s):History
  • Author(s):Philip Ingram
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A range of textbooks covering many of the options available on GCSE history specifications.

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    This text covers the history of the USSR from the 1905 revolution through the Khrushchev years to 1997. Particular attention is paid to the collapse of the tsarist regime, the revolutions of 1917, civil war and the New Economic Policy, and the influence of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin on Soviet history. The questions and activities are suitable for students of varying abilities and a range of written and visual sources encourage student involvement.

  • Contents
    • 1. Russia's problems under Tsar Nicholas II
    • 2. The Tsar's opponents and supporters
    • 3. The events of 1905
    • 4. 1905 – the aftermath
    • 5. The First World War
    • 6. The March 1917 Revolution
    • Review: Events leading to the collapse of the Tsarist regime in 1917
    • 7. The Provisional Government and the Bolsheviks
    • 8. The fate of the Provisional Government
    • 9. The Bolsheviks seize power
    • 10. The Civil War
    • 11. The communist victory
    • 12. War Communism
    • 13. The New Economic Policy
    • Review: How the Bolsheviks gained control
    • 14. Trotsky and Stalin
    • 15. The rise of Stalin
    • 16. Collectivisation
    • 17. The Five-Year Plans
    • 18. The effects of the Five-Year Plans
    • Review: The impact of Stalin's economic policies
    • 19. The purges
    • 20. Threats to Stalin's power
    • 21. Stalin gains control
    • review: How did Stalin win and hold on to power?
    • 22. The Great Patriotic War
    • 23. Stalin's successors
    • Review: The Soviet Union after 1941.
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