If you have any questions about Step up to English, please feel free to browse through this list of frequently asked questions. If your query has not been answered below please do get in touch with us via your local sales representative who will be able to address any specific questions you have.


  • Do I need to buy a license for every teacher in my school?

    No you don’t need to buy a license for every teacher in the school, you just need to buy a multiple user site license which is available on a five year subscription. This will allow access to the resource for all the teachers in your school or college.  

  • Is there any printed material in this product?

    No, there is no printed material, this is a digital only product available on a five year subscription.

  • What is Cambridge Elevate?

    Cambridge Elevate editions are digital versions of our textbooks, available through our digital teaching and learning subscription service. To find out more about Cambridge Elevate visit cambridge.org/cambridgeelevate.

  • Why do I have to buy the Teachers Resource and Planning Guide to use this product?

    This resource contains a thorough introduction, lesson plans and the supporting materials for each Entry Level as well as the EAL Booster.

  • Why is this a digital only product and what can I do with it?

    These resources are provided as downloadable and customisable so you can print out what you need and adapt them to suit your needs. 

  • Why is this product just for teachers and why can’t students see it on their Elevate platform?

    These resources consist of worksheets and teacher planning materials – they are intended for teachers to use with their students.