Cambridge Learn is a comprehensive digital solution for International Schools. The solution integrates digital teaching and learning with effective and efficient classroom management. It offers a wide range of International Curriculum books for CIE and IB qualifications. Assessments are fully customisable, enabling teachers to set tests for individual students or whole classes. Teachers can easily monitor student’s work and identify where they need further guidance, and help them where they need it most.

Cambridge Learn, powered by the Rapples ecosystem, thus offers schools a complete teaching and learning programme that enables the introduction and optimum use of technology in the classroom.

The programme comprises of books and learning resources on a tablet, and provides students with enhanced content. It has been designed to bring into its fold the key stakeholders in education - the teacher, the student and the school with distinct benefits for all.

Key Features

- High-quality Cambridge content

- Preloaded electronic books for all subjects

- Customised tablet for each student and teacher

- Effective and efficient technology-enabled Classroom Management

- Teachers empowered through simple, yet very powerful Learning Management System (LMS)

- Quicker lesson plans, faster reporting, reduced paperwork

- Easy information access for parents

- Mobile Device Management software that blocks access to unwanted content, applications, websites etc. and allows to set policies for tablet usage.

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