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The Cambridge Pictionary is a series designed for preschoolers. This series aims at helping children between the age of 3 to 5 years to form a strong foundation for formal education by integrating technology with their observations of their surroundings.

The Nursery book forms the base with an understanding of the English alphabet brought to life through interesting 3-D animations in the AR app. The LKG and UKG books have been designed using eight carefully-selected themes picked from the immediate surroundings of the learners to help them move from the known to the unknown. Each of these two books come bundled with a set of theme-specific character flash cards as the source of the AR animations.

Key Features:

-        AR-enabled books and flash cards (for LKG and UKG)

-        Attractive layout and bright illustrations to enhance the learning experience

-        Over 150 words for Nursery and more than 200 words for KG levels to be learnt

-        User-friendly interface for easier navigation and for better learning of both phonics and letters

-        Concept and word connections in the animations to build vocabulary and develop a better understanding

-        Simple and attractive flash cards to engage the young learners using digital stimuli

-        Real life sound effects for creating an immersive experience  

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