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  • ISBN:9781107661738
  • Format:Mixed media product
  • Subject(s):Mathematics
  • Qualification:IB Diploma
  • Author(s):Paul Fannon, Vesna Kadelburg, Ben Woolley, Stephen Ward
  • Available from: September 2012

This title forms part of the completely new Mathematics for the IB Diploma series.

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    This highly illustrated coursebook and accompanying CD-ROM forms part of the completely new Mathematics for the IB Diploma series. It has been written by teachers to specifically cover the new IB Higher Level syllabus. The progressive approach encourages cumulative learning. The title ends with a chapter dedicated to combined exercises that require skills from many topics – a typical trick in the IB Examinations.

  • Contents
    • Accompanying CD-ROM contains extension worksheets, prior knowledge, the Option topics, calculator skills sheets and fill-in proofs.

    • Worked examples show typical workings and thought processes.

    • Exercises are progressive and colour-coded according to IB examination grades. They include short-answer questions and longer-answer questions typical of the IB examinations.

    • Theory of Knowledge boxes highlight some of the weaknesses and ambiguities in mathematics as well as showing how mathematics links to other areas of knowledge.

    • Exam and Exam-style questions provide lots of exam practice.

  • CD-ROM
    • Introduction
    • Algebra: 1. Counting principles
    • Algebra, Function and Equations: 2. Exponents and logarithms
    • 3. Polynomials
    • 4. Algebraic structures
    • 5. The theory of functions
    • 6. Transformations of graphs
    • 7. Sequences and series
    • 8. Binomial expansion
    • Geometry: 9. Circular measure and trigonometric functions
    • 10. Trigonometric equations and identities
    • 11. Geometry of triangles and circles
    • 12. Further trigonometry
    • 13. Vectors
    • 14. Lines and planes in space
    • Algebra: 15. Complex numbers
    • Calculus: 16. Basic differentiation and its applications
    • 17. Basic integration and its applications
    • 18. Further differentiation methods
    • 19. Further integration methods
    • 20. Further applications of calculus
    • Probability and Statistics: 21. Summarising data
    • 22. Probability
    • 23. Discrete probability distributions
    • 24. Continuous distributions
    • Algebra: 25. Mathematical induction
    • 26. Questions crossing all chapters
    • Examination tips
    • Answers
    • Index
    • Acknowledgements
    • Terms and conditions of use for the CD-ROM.
Option topic 10 Discrete Mathematics

Option topic 10 Discrete Mathematics

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Option topic 9 Calculus

Option topic 9 Calculus

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Option topic 7 Statistics and Probability

Option topic 7 Statistics and Probability

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Book with CD-ROM

Book with CD-ROM

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