What is Cambridge Teacher Development?

Develop your teaching skills and career with the help of Cambridge Teacher Development.  You can get a better understanding of what you need to focus on, as well as get access to courses and resources to help you on your professional development journey. 

There's a range of skills and competencies that a professional teacher needs to acquire and develop to become an expert teacher and we can provide the information and knowledge in which to aid this development. Check the Cambridge English Teaching Framework to see the different skills areas and stages of professional development.  This Framework has been developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, after extensive research into what skills a good teacher needs to demonstrate in their teaching.

You can also prove your language teaching credentials through one of the many teaching qualifications from Cambridge English Language Assessment.


Manage your own professional development

Find out where you are in your professional development.   Where are your skills strong, and where do you need to focus your development activity. Take the Self Assessment on the Cambridge English Teacher Development Tracker.  Then you can decide on your priorities for professional development.

Cambridge can help you with a wide range of online courses, an online resource library, a great range of well-known books on important areas of language teaching and learning.

Improve your classroom teaching

Improve your general classroom teaching with a range of resources and courses from Cambridge.


Online methodology courses (20 hours)

  • Lesson planning and classroom management  (20 hours)
  • Introduction to Blended Learning (20 hours)
  • Evaluating and correcting learners (5 hours)

For more information on online methodology courses, go here:  Online Courses

Online Resource Library

The library provides instant unlimited access to a wide range of resources:


It is organised around what’s most relevant to each type of teacher – whether they are teaching in a primary school, a secondary school or to adults.  In addition, the organisation reflects the areas of professional development outlined in the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.


We have numerous videos available on our YouTube channel including the following:

Manageable learning in practice: Clarifying new language  by Craig Thane

Penny Ur's 100 teaching tips

The Cambridge Principles of Effective Teacher Development

These are the ten key principles that we have identified as important to running an effective teacher development programme.   

Resources from Cambridge


Online Methodology Courses

For busy teachers who need the convenience of being able to work on their skills whenever or wherever they get the opportunity.  Our online courses keep track of their progress, so that they (and you) can see exactly how they are doing on each course. 

Online Resource Library for Teacher Development

Support your teachers with an extensive library of teacher development material - videos, webinar presentations, articles and teaching tasks.  These have been carefully organised for different types of teachers - Primary, Secondary and HE/Adult - and mapped to the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

Language development for teachers

For many institutions, the critical challenge is making sure all your English teachers have a sufficiently high level of English needed to teach effectively.  You can make use of a wide choice of courses and resources to help you address this.  In addition to regular language improvement courses, Cambridge has developed a new programme specifically for teachers improving their English:  Language for Teaching.