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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

April 16th 2021 0

The Adriatic, sea of stories

My mother’s family comes from Dugi Otok, the outermost island in the Zadar archipelago, off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. I was often told as a child that from the island’s western cliffs you could see Italy across the Adriatic on a clear da…

April 15th 2021

India and the World

How to view the history of India in a global perspective ? One answer is to frame it within a project of ‘provincialisation’ of Europe as advocated by Dipesh Chakrabarty. But there is an alternative possibility with Sanjay Subrahmanyam’s…

April 15th 2021

Power Shift: The Global Political Economy of Energy Transitions

How to transition to a zero carbon economy in a timely and fair fashion is one of the greatest challenges the world faces. Bill Gates spelt out his vision of how to do it in his recent book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. The answer for him is technologi…

April 14th 2021

Bounded gaps between primes: the epic breakthroughs of the early 21st century

Why did I write this book? Certainly there are quite a few mathematicians who could write a better book on bounded gaps. I thought that the series of wonderful breakthroughs deserved to be celebrated with several accounts of the mathematical content of th…

April 9th 2021

Scholarship: A ‘Hidden’ Influence on International Judges

International judges regularly decide important cases, on matters ranging from entrenched border disputes, costly trade wars, the most fundamental of our human rights and violent armed conflicts. Their decisions matter, and especially those of the most au…

April 8th 2021

100 Years of Aircraft Aerodynamic Design: from guesswork to optimal mathematical precision

The figure above presents a thumbnail history of the airplane’s aerodynamic development over the twentieth century, including some of the significant contributors who helped to bring it about. This historical overview parallels the organization of o…

April 8th 2021

Opinion: Moving beyond prescriptive physics laboratory instruction

Andri M. Gretarsson author of "A First Course in Laboratory Optics" considers that in order to bridge the gap between demonstrating theory and testing theory, a change of emphasis in undergraduate laboratories is required.

April 8th 2021

Practical Psychopharmacology

“Nobody reads books anymore” is the secondhand testimony I hear from colleagues about how current medical students and residents prefer to learn.  “They want soundbytes.”  Short, succinct morsels of information they can c…

April 2nd 2021

Good Europeans?

What are the most distinctive achievements of European civilization? According to the Bulgarian-born thinker Tzvetan Todorov, they are rationality, justice, democracy, individual freedom, secularism, and tolerance. To this list, one might add science, the…

April 2nd 2021

The Magnetic Attraction of William Gilbert, pioneer of geomagnetism

In this blog on the history of discovering the science of the Earth as a physical object I begin in antiquity with the philosopher Eratosthenes of Cyrene (276–194 BCE). He became first enquirer to arrive at a truly spectacular evidence-based result …

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April 16th 2021 0

CEH Prize winning article ‘From National Catholicism to Romantic Love. The Politics of Love and Divorce in Franco’s Spain’

The editorial team of Contemporary European History is delighted to announce the 2020 CEH Prize winner, Mónica García-Fernández (University of the Basque Country, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea), for her forthcoming article ‘From…

April 14th 2021 0

NASA Study: Excess of Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet over Mass Losses during 1992 to 2008 Eliminated by Increasing Dynamic Losses to 2016

A new NASA study [Antarctic Mass Balance] confirms that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation [Siegert, 2003] that began 10,000 years ago in East Antarctica (EA) [Fig.…

April 14th 2021 0

Pots and cultural diversity in the Roman north – the case of Severan York

Questions on the extent of multiculturalism in Britain’s (Roman) past have never been more relevant. Thanks to the evidence of inscriptions and the recent scientific analysis of human skeletal remains we know that Romano-British cities were home to …

April 14th 2021 0

Taxonomic resolution affects host−parasite association model performance

The latest Paper of the Month for Parasitology is “Taxonomic resolution affects host−parasite association model performance“ The ability to predict the occurrence and strength of species interactions is a fundamental go…

April 14th 2021 0

IPA-Leads Process to Advance Revised Criteria for Psychosis in Neurocognitive Disorders

Once again, IPA has taken the lead to advance the mental health care of older persons using its inclusive process to address the needs of patients and providers around the globe.…

April 14th 2021 0

Businesses, Remedy and Vaccine Trials: Reflections on the Business and Human Rights issues in the Irish Mother and Baby Homes Report

In this blog post we address a business and human rights issue that emerged from the recent report of Ireland’s Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes: that of corporate complicity in unlicensed clinical trials carried out upon incar…

April 13th 2021 0

A new moment for climate governance: Can President Biden save the world from climate change?

Within hours of assuming office, President Joe Biden began taking steps to reverse his predecessor’s devastating policies on climate change. He returned the United States to the Paris Agreement, declared that his administration would cooperate with …

April 13th 2021 0

Rhetoric, politics, and decorum in the Renaissance

Some thought that civil speech was a denial of civic ideals. Others, such as Erasmus and Vives, believed that civic life in the service of the community could only be realized through civil speech.

April 12th 2021 0

Government pledge fulfillment on immigration (“How Party Platforms on Immigration Become Policy”)

Do governing parties follow through on their campaign promises? Representative democracy requires that there are policy linkages between citizens and policies ultimately enacted by their governments.…

April 12th 2021 0

Fake news and state manipulation, First World War style?

Rather than sinister and corrupt state manipulation, this close look at the instructions, never previously undertaken, suggests a relatively flexible and responsive attempt to balance safety and security with press freedom.

April 12th 2021 0

On Balance: Costs and Benefits of School Shutdowns and Forming Covid-19 Policy under Uncertainty

Originally posted on the Society for Cost Benefit-Analysis On Balance blog In Volume 11 of The Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, Thunström, Newbold, Finnoff, Ashworth, and Shogren presented their findings on the national benefits and costs of phys…

April 9th 2021 0

Son preference and the fertility squeeze in India

Gender discrimination manifests in many ways, but in some countries, a long tradition of preference for sons over daughters has merged with recent demographic changes to produce unnaturally skewed sex ratios.…

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