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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

September 23rd 2022 0

Investment treaties during armed conflict: Special protection for foreign investors?

Through numerous international agreements, states promise their respective treaty partners to accord foreign investors and their investments protection from unlawful state encroachments as well as violence by third parties. In case these guarantees are vi…

September 22nd 2022

Music Theatre and the Holy Roman Empire

When I lived in Germany, I was spoilt by choice so far as opera was concerned.  I was in an area that had three large theatres separated by two rivers and all very close to one another.  I certainly wasn’t alone in having such great access…

September 21st 2022

The Burned Out Physician

Physicians and other healthcare professionals are facing unprecedented challenges. One of the most critical and potentially devastating challenges is the threat of burnout. That threat has been growing for decades, and the pandemic has significantly inten…

September 21st 2022

“How did hesitation, equivocation, compromise, and serendipity give shape to a Reformation driven by a handful of determined people?”

In my last book, Luther, Conflict, and Christendom, which Cambridge published in 2018, I tried to find an organic way to understand the effects of context and circumstance on one of the great defining controversies of European religion, the conflict over …

September 20th 2022

Paul’s Gospel of Divine Self-Sacrifice

What is the center of the apostle Paul’s message of good news about God? According to this book, it is something God did and continues to do through Jesus Christ. It is divine self-giving for the benefit of humans, and Paul thinks of it as a divine …

September 20th 2022

Are we happier now?

The late Gilbert Sorrentino once told me that “even Kafka has to write ‘He opened the window.’” It took me some time to feel the force of this remark. But after years of studying modernist literature, and after I found myself pushi…

September 15th 2022

What have fish to do with Gothic ivories?

Around 1248, the merchants of Flanders submitted a complaint to the French king Louis IX about the malfeasance of customs agents at the Franco-Flemish border at Bapaumes. Among the specific complaints regarding their overreaching exercise of power is the …

September 14th 2022

What’s Turkey doing (yet again)? : Between Kurds and Greeks

Perhaps no question concerning the Middle East and Europe today has been more loudly asked than the question “What’s Turkey doing (yet again)?”. Rightfully so, for, Turkey, once hailed by the international community as a role model in it…

September 14th 2022

“Like cool, clear ice”: Samuel Johnson During Lockdown

As Covid-19 spread across Europe in early 2020, my wife and I were in Seville, Spain, where we were spending three months reading, writing, walking, and enjoying the Andalusian cuisine, language, people, and climate. As the infection spread, the WHO decla…

September 13th 2022

Power and Polarization in a Republic at Risk

Representation in the United States has always been a risky proposition. In principle, congressional lawmakers have strong incentives to collaborate on the creation of policies that constituents demand, even as they check and balance each other and the pr…

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Advancing learning, knowledge and research.

September 23rd 2022 0

4 discoveries you never knew were grounded in control engineering

When we think of control engineering we immediately think of aircraft and spacecraft control, self-driving cars, and automated manufacturing. However, there are other exciting, emerging fields that also rely heavily on control engineering; some that may s…

September 23rd 2022 0

RCPsych: preparing a new generation of peer reviewers

Anna Munks, Managing Editor of BJPsych Advances and BJPsych Open, speaks to us about the importance of peer review for the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych).

September 22nd 2022 0

Ducks win big at the Ig Nobels

A study on duck swimming behaviour published in JFM secures the 2022 Ig Nobel prize in physics for Zhi-Ming Yuan, Minglu Chen, Laibing Jia, Chunyan Ji and Atilla Incecik

September 21st 2022 0

What are the biggest obstacles to successful peer review?

We asked our authors what they consider to be the biggest obstacles when it comes to peer reviewing. Author 1: The reader who just doesn’t connect with my approach, or even see what I’m trying to do.…

September 21st 2022 0

How to define a good peer reviewer…

Cambridge authors offer their opinions on what makes a good peer reviewer. Author 1: A good peer reviewer should be a person of integral academic standing and an acknowledged expert in the field.…

September 21st 2022 0

Is the peer review process evolving?

A selection of our authors describe how they see the peer review process evolving in the future, and discuss what change has already taken place.…

September 21st 2022 0

Peer review reports; what’s helpful and what’s not

A selection of Cambridge authors tell us what they like and what they don’t like about peer review reports. Author 1: Most helpful are comments on concrete issues attached to what is on paper in the manuscript, from spelling errors to formats of …

September 21st 2022 0

Undertaking your first peer review? Read these helpful tips…

If you’re about to begin peer reviewing your first book, you need to read these dos and don’ts from a selection of Cambridge authors.…

September 21st 2022 0


The September edition of Muses – the arts blog from BJPsych International – features an article by Sabrina Coleman-Pinheiro, a visual artist of Nigerian, British and Sudanese lineage.…

September 20th 2022 0

Mitigation of nitrogen pollution in rivers using aerobic biological denitrification

The paper “Aerobic ammonia removal with heterotrophic nitrification and denitrification of Alcaligenes faecalis strain No.4 to mitigate nitrogenous pollution caused by piggery wastewater: a feasibility study”, published in The Journal of Agric…

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