Cambridge Teacher Development for Institutions

Are you looking for help with a teacher development programme?  Make use of Cambridge resources and services to help make a real impact with your staff. 

INSPIRE your Teacher Development

We focus on seven key principles of effective teacher development programmes based on expert research. We call these principles INSPIRE:


Read about how to apply the INSPIRE principles to your teachers’ professional development in our white paper, which shows you how to plan and implement teacher professional development programmes:

> Read Effective teacher development: Principles and best practice


What can Cambridge offer institutions that want to improve their CPD programme?



  • Online Methodology Courses - For busy teachers who need the convenience of being able to work on their skills whenever or wherever they get the opportunity.  Our online courses keep track of their progress, so that they (and you) can see exactly how they are doing on each course. 
  • Online Resource Library for Teacher Development - Support your teachers with an extensive library of teacher development material - videos, webinar presentations, articles and teaching tasks.  These have been carefully organised for different types of teachers - Primary, Secondary and HE/Adult - and mapped to the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.
  • Language development for teachers - For many institutions, the critical challenge is making sure all your English teachers have a sufficiently high level of English needed to teach effectively.  You can make use of a wide choice of courses and resources to help you address this.  In addition to regular language improvement courses, Cambridge has developed a new programme specifically for teachers improving their English:  Language for Teaching.
  • Books for teacher development - You can bring your teacher's library up-to-date with the latest books on teaching skills and teacher development from Cambridge. Download our catalogue of books for teacher development.