• How do I reset/change my username or password?

    To reset/change your password, please go to https://elevate.cambridge.org/elevate/common/forgotpassword.aspx. Username cannot be changed.

    If you are a teacher, you can reset a student's password or edit their information, as long as they are added to your class/institution within the 'Manage Users' section. Select the student, click the 'Edit user' icon. Edit user iconYou can edit first name, last name, email address and password but you cannot change username.


  • Can I use Cambridge Elevate offline?

    Yes, there are IOS and Android tablet apps that enable you to download your books and associated resources. Please note you cannot add new books or manage users in the tablet apps.

  • What is a book code?

    A Book Code is used to add a book to your account. Each code can only be activated once and is for individual use.

    If you have ordered a standalone digital title, you will have received your Book Code by email.

    If you have purchased a print book with a digital version included, the Book Code is on the inside front cover of your book. You need to scratch off the foil cover to reveal the code.

    If you are a new user, use your Book Code to register at https://elevate.cambridge.org.

  • How do I change the font type and size?

    There are two ways to change the font type and size to adapt your books to suit you.

    Changing the font size across all titles

    One is using the “Reader Settings” tab in the top navigation bar within Account settings. Reader settings location in top navigation (with account settings)

    This option allows you to change the font type for all the titles you have access to*. Font type changes are saved in your settings and will be kept even if you log out. Text size changes are not retained. 

    Changing reader settings window

    *Please note that it is not possible to change the text settings for some titles or sections of titles as these have been fixed to keep the appearance of the title.


    Changing the font size of a specific title

    The other way is using the Reader Settings option at the bottom of the page. This is also the only way to change font size in the Cambridge Reader app. Reader settings button in bottom navigation

    Changing the font here only changes it for the title you are currently viewing. 

    If you are using the Cambridge Reader app you will also need to press the Sync button at the bottom of the page. 

  • How do I direct students to the right page?

    You can direct students to specific bits of content by sharing links directly into your Cambridge Elevate titles.

    To do this: 

    • Place a bookmark on the page
    • Click on the bookmark to show the bookmark options
    • Click Share this link Share this link for Bookmarks
    • Copy the URL
    • Share the URL with your students


    When a student follows the URL they will be directed to the location of the bookmark.  Please be aware that students must have an active licence for the Cambridge Elevate edition or Cambridge Elevate enhanced edition that the bookmark is located in.

    For more information please watch our how to video.

  • How do I link my current school platform to Cambridge Elevate?


    If you already use a VLE (e.g. Moodle) or email to share documents, information and work with your students, you can add links to external content to your Cambridge Elevate titles using the weblink annotation option and share the annotation with your students.

    To link to external content:

    • Get the URL for your external content
    • Highlight relevant content in Cambridge Elevate
    • From the annotation options, choose Weblink.  Which annotations are available
    • Paste in the link


    To share the weblink

    • Click on the weblink annotation in the title text or in My Activity
    • Click on the share option Share icon for annotations
    • Choose the group you want share with


    Students will be notified that you have shared an annotation with them.

    For more information please watch our how to video.

  • Do I lose my annotations when I renew my book?

    No, your annotations are saved and will show in your book after you've renewed.

  • How do I close/delete my account or change it to Student/Teacher?

    To close your Elevate account, or to change your account to student/teacher – please contact Technical Support Team (ptsupport@cambridge.org)

    To request access, or to raise other issues regarding the handling of your data – please contact Privacy Team (privacy@cambridge.org)

  • Can I transfer my book code to another account?

    Book codes can only be used once and can not be transferred between accounts