Find guidance on how to register on Cambridge Elevate, how to use the site and how best to blend Cambridge Elevate in your classroom. 

How to register
Inside the book
How to perform a bulk upload


How to register

Cambridge Elevate requires a Book code to register. To register please follow these instructions, or watch our how to video.

1. Visit
2. Select the I’m a teacher button. 
3. Fill in your registration details. 
4. You have now registered as a teacher but we still need to verify your account. This will take approximately 48 hours. Verification is required to unlock full account functionality i.e. creating groups.
5. Click on the Account status button to track your verification.


Elevate Teacher Homepage


Books that you have purchased will appear on your Home page. Click on the cover to open a book.

Click on the ellipsis to see: Ellipsis menu located underneath book

-  About this book – gives you information about your book and subscription.

-  Your contents list – allows you to customise the table of contents of your books.
-  Create group - use this button to create student groups for your books. Click here for a more in-depth guide about groups. Please note that this functionality is only available after you have been verified as a teacher and have an active student's coursebook component on your account.

Add books

Use the Add books button to add new books to your Home page. 

Elevate Add a Book

Or you can use the plus icon. Add books using plus icon

Sort books

Use the Sort button to sort your books. You can sort your books alphabetically, by date added or date used.

Elevate Sort Button

Manage groups

To view and manage any groups you create select the Manage groups tab.

Find help
Click the Help button to search through a bank of help topics or to view the site tours.

Send/receive messages to/from your students

To send messages to your students click on the Messages button and select a recipient from the pre-populated list. This could be a group or an individual. Compose your message and send. A notification will appear on your message button when you have a new message. For more help watch out how to video.

Change your settings

To access your settings and to log out, click on the dropdown menu beneath your profile. 

From here you can change your Account settings (when on the Home page), Reader settings and log out. Change settings window for teachers

Renew your title

- To continue to access your title, you need to put in a new book code. This can be done using the add books button. Add books button 

Or the plus icon.

Add books using plus icon 

- You can enter a new book code when the Expiring badge has appeared on your book. This badge appears when your title is within 90 days of its expiry date. 

Yellow expiring badge in upper right corner of titles expiring with the next 90 days

Expired titles have an orange ‘expired’ badge. Orange expired badge in upper right corner of expired titles

To find out when your book will expire click on the ‘About this book’ in the ellipsis menu underneath your book. Expanded ellipsis menu for students located underneath book

For more information watch our how to video.

Annotations are saved and will not be lost when your title expires.

Inside the book


The sidebar allows you to easily navigate through your book by clicking on the contents.

Clicking on a section within the contents will take you to its location in the book.

You can open the sidebar and contents without navigating away from the page.

The sidebar will always feature the Contents and My Activity buttons, other items may vary per book.

Contents shows the contents list for the book.
Bookmarks shows any bookmarks you may have created.
My Activity lists your annotation activity.
Media lists available media content for your page, chapter and book.
Assessment lists all the assessments in the book.
Glossary lists all the keyword terms in your book. 

Side navigation bar showing Contents, My Activity, Media, Assessment and Glossary

When you make an annotation Annotation badges will appear in the sidebar.

Badges for annotations when new annotations have been added or shared

Bottom toolbar

The bottom toolbar contains the following depending on your book:

Reader settings
Create a Bookmark - watch the how to video
Save and Sync (saving your annotations across the group)
Page folio and navigation

Bottom navigation bar showing Reader settings, Bookmarks, Sync, next page and previous page


Page navigation

You can also use the arrows at the side of the page to navigate between pages.


Search can be found in the top bar when you are inside a book.

Search box available within a title 

Creating annotations

To add an annotation to your book, select the text you’d like to annotate with the cursor. After selecting the text, you can choose to highlight the passage, add a note, weblink, hyperlink or voice note.

Annotations are saved and will not be lost when your title expires.

Which annotations are available

You can add multiple annotations to the same section of text. You can also navigate to Navigation icon for annotations edit Edit icon for annotations or delete your annotations. Delete icon for annotations

Creating Annotations

For more help watch out how to video.


Filtering annotations

To filter all of your annotations select My Activity. My Activity iconAnnotations are organised by Contents or by Time (most recent first). My Activity organisation by content and time To filter the annotations that show select Filters and choose the Chapter/Topic, Annotation Type or Group. Options for filtering in My Activity – Chapter/topic, Annotation Type and Group

The Annotation types that can be filtered are Note, Weblink, Hyperlink and Voice. Options for filtering by annotation type – Note, Weblink, Hyperlink and Voice

The Group filter allows you to selectively choose which shared or unshared annotations to show based on group.  Options for filtering by group, includes all groups and private annotations

Showing annotations

To selectively show annotations on the text access the Reader settings located in the dropdown menu beneath your profile.Reader settings location in top navigation (with account settings)

or in the Bottom toolbar. Reader settings button in bottom navigation Select or deselect Show My Annotations and/or Show Teacher Annotations and click save. Changing reader settings window