13 JUNE 2014

Cambridge IGCSE Science

Cambridge IGCSE Science

Let us introduce you to a Completely Cambridge experience, fully updated editions of our successful Cambridge IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics series; Cambridge resources for Cambridge qualifications.

Until 31 July 2014 we are sharing samples of the series to view online to help with your planning ready for September! To access these free samples select 'click to read' under the look inside tab at a title's web page.

Written by teams with teaching and examining experience, Cambridge IGCSE Science offer comprehensive and accessible coverage of the syllabus.

The series components of Cambridge IGCSE Science work together to cover all required content and skills, including ideas for practicals and other activities that will help to develop experimental skills. The student components are engaging, and accessible to students with a wide range of abilities including those who do not have English as their first language. The Teacher's Resource CD-ROM gives teachers extensive support as well as further resources to use in class.

Each component of the three series have important features to facilitate a student’s success studying Cambridge IGCSE Science.

Cambridge IGCSE Physics: Coursebook with CD-ROM (second edition) includes suggestions for practical activities, designed to help develop the required experimental skills, with full guidance included on the CD-ROM. Study tips throughout the text, exam-style questions at the end of each chapter and a host of revision and practice material on the CD-ROM are designed to help students prepare for their examinations. Answers to the exam-style questions in the Coursebook are provided on the CD-ROM. Explore the free sample online.

IGCSE Physics Coursebook

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Workbook (fourth edition) is produced in a write-in format and contains exercises, which help to consolidate understanding and familiarise the use of knowledge in new situations. They also help to develop information handling and problem solving skills, and to develop experimental skills including planning investigations and interpreting results. Answers to the exercises are found on the Teacher's Resource CD-ROM. Explore the free sample online.

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry

Cambridge IGCSE Biology Teacher's Resource CD-ROM (third edition) is designed to support teachers in using the Coursebook and Workbook to deliver the syllabus. Teaching ideas for each individual topic give suggestions for the lesson as well as homework and point out common misconceptions. A collection of worksheets is provided for use in class or for students' individual study, with answers provided. Answers to the exercises in the Workbook are also included. Explore the free sample online.

IGCSE Biology Teacher's Resource

If you’re interested in our Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry series you may also be interested in our free downloadable Pin and Print Poster depicting the Periodic Table of Elements. Each month we’re producing a new Pin and Print Poster for you to download and decorate your classroom walls!

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