Information about TRP+


TRP+ Empowers Teachers

• It helps teachers design and develop engaging classroom sessions that augment the learning experience.

• It also enables teachers to prepare tests and worksheets in just a few clicks. 

Components and their Usability

- The enhanced ebook augments learning by providing content-mapped supplementary audio, animations that build further upon the key concepts in the book, interactives for quick multiple practice sessions inside the classrooms, slideshows that are also visual feast for the eyes.

- The solution allows teachers to introduce their own resources for seamless lesson planning and delivery in their classroom sessions.

- The Test Maker allows teachers to prepare worksheets and test papers in just a few clicks. It includes a wide variety of questions. Additional questions have been provided to help teachers challenge their young learners. Answers have been provided to facilitate evaluation. 

What’s New

- Additional questions in Test Maker
- Learning beyond textbook via Digital Learning Objects, 
animations, slideshows, interactives etc.
- Solution set in Mathematics
- Additional examples in Science via slideshows
- Teachers can add their own resources
- Teachers can save their annotations and sessions
- Teachers can plan and deliver their classroom sessions
- Improved and user-friendly tool palette
- Predictive search made better
- Dashboard - extensive table of contents that allows quick access to chapters, annotations and resources 

TRP+ is available for following Cambridge Series:


Cambridge Connection
Cambridge School Grammar Revised Edition
Cambridge Listening and Speaking Revised Edition
Cambridge Express
Maple Tree
Communicate with Cambridge

Maths Mileage
I Did It Mathematics Revised Edition

General Knowledge
Exploring General Knowledge

Computer Science
Click Start 

Value Education
Lessons for Life

Science Voyage
I Explore
Science Edge

Social Sciences
Cambridge Social Sciences Revised Edition
The World Around Us Revised Edition

Environmental Studies
I Care Revised Edition

Semester & Term Books
Saffron Semester Series
Coral Term Series


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