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Learning resources: chapter 3


Sections 3.1 and 3.2 - Cognitive Systems as Functional Systems, 
The Anatomy of the Brain and the Primary Visual Pathway

1. Neuroanatomy overviews
Neuroanatomy tutorial (from the University of Utah medical school)
Human brain (entry from Wikipedia)
Brodmann areas (entry from Wikipedia)
Cerebral cortex (entry from Wikipedia)
HOPES brain tutorial (from Stanford)
Basic video introduction to the anatomy of the brain
Visualization of the brain from McGill’s BigBrain Project

2. Visual pathways and the visual cortex
Visual pathways (slideshow from Sumanas, Inc.)
Visual cortex (entry from Wikipedia)
The primary visual cortex (article by Matthew Schmolesky)

3. Versions of the two visual systems hypothesis
One brain—two visual systems (article by Mel Goodale and David Milner, 2006; from The Psychologist, 19)
Two visual systems re-viewed (article by Mel Goodale and David Milner, 2008; from Neuropsychologia, 46)
Lecture on the visual system by Melvyn Goodale (video)
Ungerleider and Mishkin discuss their research (video)

Section 3.3 - Extending Computational Models to the Brain

1. Introductions to connectionism and artificial neural networks
AI’s next brain wave (article by Aaron Ricadela; from InformationWeek)
Topic: Connectionism (radio interview with Jay McClelland; from PhilosophyTalk)
What is a neural network? (entry and video presentation from NeuroSolutions)
Neural networks (website by Christos Stergiou and Dimitrios Siganos)
Connectionism (entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, by James Garson)
Lecture by Jay McClelland (video)
Lecture by David Rumelhart introducing parallel distributed processing networks (video)
Lecture by David Rumelhart on connectionism (video)
Resources for building and training connectionist networks (from Stanford)
Video discussion of how Google uses connectionist networks for pattern recognition (from Mashable)

2. For more links see the online resources for chapters 8 and 9.

Section 3.4 - Mapping the Stages of Lexical Processing

1. Neuroimaging with PET
The PET scan: A new window into the brain (article by Renato Sabbatini)
Functional neuroimaging (entry from Wikipedia)
Positron emission tomography (entry from Wikipedia)
Functional neuroimaging with PET (PowerPoint by Terry Oakes at the University of Wisconsin)

2. See also section 11.2.

3. Neuroimaging lexical access and single word reading
Language processing in the brain (video from YouTube featuring Marcus Raichle)
The anatomy of language: Contributions from functional neuroimaging (by Cathy Price, 2000; from Journal of Anatomy, 197)
Neuroimaging studies of word reading (review article by Julie Fiez and Steven Petersen, 1998; from Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 95)
Experimetal demonstration of the lexical decision task

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