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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

December 8th 2022 0

Making monetary redress work

There are hundreds of thousands of survivors of abuse in care around the world. Many survivors experienced grievous physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or severe neglect while in out-of-home care. Their experiences of systemically injurious orphanages, r…

December 8th 2022

A New History of the United States since 1945

Do we really need another post-1945 history of the United States? That was what I asked myself when a senior editor at Cambridge University Press approached me about writing Winds of Hope, Storms of Discord: The United States Since 1945 in 2017. After all…

December 6th 2022

Thinking about Muslim Sects and Schools

The Muslim community, known as the umma, is meant to be united. The Qur’an, in chapter 29, verse 92, states that “Indeed, this your umma is one umma, and I am your Lord; so worship Me.” Yet Muslims, just like Jews, Christians and other r…

December 5th 2022

The mean side of the force : How regression to the mean can fool us

Regression to the mean is a powerful and common source of bias in interpreting data. Once understood, its potential to mislead is obvious. Yet many scientists are regularly fooled by it. In this blog I shall try explain it. The post The mean side of the f…

December 5th 2022

Lying About Innovation

The federal convictions of two founders of technology companies over the last year has illustrated the fine line between the over-optimism of entrepreneurs who believe they can change the world and the criminal intent to defraud investors. As it has becom…

December 2nd 2022

On Authoritarianism and Democratic Liberalism in the Arab World

The conventional reading of authoritarianism and contentious politics in the Arabic speaking World has often implied that democratic liberals are entirely absent in the region, or that if they do exist, they are either entirely ineffectual or self-interes…

December 2nd 2022

The Big Lie and Much More

Donald Trump’s presidency has done more damage to America’s political institutions than most people realize.  I explain how in my new book, Institutions Under Siege: Donald Trump’s Attack on the Deep State. Of course, some of that d…

December 2nd 2022

The Great Plague Scare of 1720: Disaster and Society in the Eighteenth-Century World

On May 12, 1720, health officials in Marseille wrote the gouverneur of the region of Provence in Paris requesting to expedite the construction of a new building for the local Bureau de la santé or Health Board. The structure that had stood there si…

December 2nd 2022

New kids on the block in ‘business and human rights’

Human rights violations by corporations that operate in more than one state have attracted the attention of legal scholars over the past four decades. The field of ‘business and human rights’ has, however, been largely silent on private transn…

November 30th 2022

Diagnosing the Causes of Mass Incarceration to Develop a Cure

The United States imprisons a shocking proportion of its population, eclipsing the rates of other countries and historical norms. The past three years have produced some modest improvement, but much of that change was driven by a global pandemic. With jai…

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Advancing learning, knowledge and research.

December 8th 2022 0

Learning Psychiatry from my Patient and Alejandra Pizarnik’s Diaries

I once met a woman admitted following a suicide attempt. She spent four weeks in the psychiatric hospital where I had many interviews with her during my morning rounds. During one of such interviews, she said to me, “I was a writer and I love to rea…

December 7th 2022 0

A new space for Brazil? Prospects under a Lula Presidency

The blog analyses Brazil´s role in the business and human rights agenda after 2014, when two processes came together: the UN Intergovernmental Working Group on a Business and Human Rights Treaty and the Working Group on Business and Human Rights kno…

December 7th 2022 0

Conversations with Authors: Historical Border Changes, State Building, and Contemporary Trust in Europe

One thing this paper addresses is that there is work on contemporary and long-term effects of boundaries, focused on how individual behavior is shaped by boundaries. What’s missing from this growing literature is much evidence of how this actually w…

December 6th 2022 0

The Cambridge Chinese Librarian Advisory Board and the work of Professor Dr Xu Lifang

In 2021 Cambridge set up its Chinese Librarian Advisory Board. It’s the only Cambridge advisory board to consist solely of members from a single country and the only one that does not communicate in the English language.…

December 6th 2022 0

The real meaning of participation: Conflict in the Las Bambas mega-mining copper project in Peru

Peru is highly dependent on the mining sector (mining accounts for 10% of its GDP and 60% of exports). The Peruvian legal framework promotes mining investments and, at the same time, incorporates business and human rights standards, such as citizen partic…

December 5th 2022 0

Navigating an R&R

On a first invitation to revise and resubmit, you will have at least three reviews and a letter from us that may suggest how to work with the reviews or provide you with additional advice. But how do you work through this advice, particularly when it is c…

December 2nd 2022 0

Counter Terrorism, International Humanitarian Law and an Opportunity for India to Promote Congruence

In a first since its establishment in 2001, a special meeting of the UN Security Council’s Counter Terrorism Committee (UNSC-CTC) has been hosted in India.…

December 2nd 2022 0

New approaches to The Creole Debate: Our methodologies, even when empirical, constrain the outcome

Creoles, perhaps more than other languages, have been categorized on the basis of their structural properties. The Creole Debate is, essentially, the question of whether or not creole languages are unique based on these formal properties.…

December 2nd 2022 0

Contextual Legal Pedagogy

Why is teaching law contextually important, and how might it be done? Such questions have had an important role in legal study since at least 1970, when the Law in Context series was launched with the aim of broadening the study of law.

December 1st 2022 0

The Co-presence of Absence and Presence

“Your authors are a microcosm of the state of the world,” Mariellen Sandford wrote me, when I told her of the challenges we faced completing our issue.…

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