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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

February 2nd 2023 0

Dissection in Classical Antiquity

Do you think with your heart or with your head? Far from a metaphorical question, this debate roiled ancient medicine at a very literal level. The topic of where, precisely, the soul interfaced with the body was a contentious one, with many arguing for th…

February 1st 2023

When Minoritized Languages Change Linguistic Theory

Q: Let’s start with the title of your book. Why use the term minoritized languages? A: It’s a question of emphasis: there is nothing intrinsically “minor” about the languages (or even the factual question of being a numerical &ldqu…

January 31st 2023

When was an embryo considered a person in the Middle Ages?

The present position of the Roman Catholic Church is that an immortal soul is infused into the fetus at the moment of conception, but this has not always been its position. The dogma that “ensoulment” coincides with the fertilization of the eg…

January 30th 2023

Actors in the lobby: How an artists’ association influenced imperial decision-making

This narrative is based on inscriptions dealing with the so-called thymelic synod, the ‘international’ artists’ association of the Roman empire. This association defended the professional interests of actors and musicians who performed a…

January 30th 2023

Linguistics meets Philosophy

All scientific fields were born from philosophy. And most were born a long time ago. So long ago that conversations between the philosophic ‘parent’ and the scientific ‘child’ are currently non-existent. For example, it’…

January 27th 2023

How is a new state built?

This question lingered in my head ever since I started being interested in the history of the long nineteenth century. Gradually my curiosity was growing: how do authorities produce a legal and political system in the case of new states? To what ideas, co…

January 27th 2023

More Than A Narrative Of Science And Medicine

In 1959, CP Snow could claim that the average intellectual knew about as much about science as his neolithic ancestors. Overstated perhaps, but he had a good point. Science, through its technologies, has crept up to become a dominant explanatory system ov…

January 27th 2023

What Does Epilepsy Mean, Does It Really Exist ?

In relating the story of epilepsy in its modern era. I have used the analogy of the boat journeying through rough seas, buffeted by diverse and independent currents, some medical some scientific, some societal and some personal. It has been an erratic jou…

January 25th 2023

Look out! Here comes the Catastrophocene…

The good news is that the Anthropocene is almost over. It may have been the shortest geological epoch in all of Earth history. The bad news is that the Catastrophocene is just beginning. The post Look out! Here comes the Catastrophocene… first appe…

January 24th 2023

Computational Design of Engineering Materials

A revolution has been underway for several decades, transforming materials engineering from costly and time-consuming process of trial-and-error experimental “materials by discovery” to “intelligent materials design” enabled by com…

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February 3rd 2023 0

NEW to Cambridge in 2023: The Economic and Labour Relations Review

Cambridge University Press is delighted to announce it will partner with the University of New South Wales, Australia (UNSW) to publish its journal The Economic and Labour Relations Review (the ELRR) from 2023.

January 31st 2023 0

Academic publishing in 2023: what’s front of mind for archaeologists?

With 2023 on the horizon, and the landscape of academic publishing in flux, Cambridge University Press spoke to the Editors of the SAA’s journals to find out what topics and questions are currently front of mind – for archaeologists, researche…

January 27th 2023 0

Mighty Hermes and his shining light: a Greek god illuminated through ancient Iranian and Indian parallels

Napoleon once said that ‘there are only two powers in the world, the sword and the spirit’ and that ‘in the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.’ The results of this study, which delves into the etymology and …

January 25th 2023 0

Detection and recognition of UA targets with multiple sensors

At present, uncrewed aircraft (UA) are widely used around the world, in fields including aerial photography, express transportation, emergency rescue, electric power inspection, agricultural plant protection, border monitoring, mapping, fire monitoring an…

January 25th 2023 0

Will the UK break apart?

As the latest double issue of the National Institute Economic Review shows, devolution is often seen as the panacea for secession. But what economic and governance arrangements between Westminster and the UK’s constituent parts would renew the bond…

January 24th 2023 0

Part Two: An Interview with Modern American History Editors, Darren Dochuk and Sarah B. Snyder

We caught up with Modern American History's new editors, Sarah and Darren, about what makes a good article & feature and what they're most looking forward to.

January 24th 2023 0

Part One: An Interview with Modern American History Editors, Darren Dochuk and Sarah B. Snyder

New editors Darren Dochuk and Sarah B. Snyder. They discuss their background and the exciting future of Modern American History.

January 24th 2023 0

Transferring of the Ukrainian Children to Russia as Genocidal Act

Genocide is one of the most severe international crimes. The meaning of genocide and the acts that fall under it are defined in the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide or the Genocide Convention of 1948 and in Article 6…

January 23rd 2023 0

We catch up with Parasitology’s winner of the Early Career Researcher Award, Javier González Miguel

Javier González Miguel was one of the winners of the Early Career Researcher Award 2019, awarded each year by Parasitology for first or last authors of outstanding papers published in the journal. Three years later we catch up with him to see …

January 20th 2023 0

Excess body weight exacerbates the harmful effect of alcohol on cancer risk

Excess body weight and alcohol consumption are both modifiable risk factors for many adverse health outcomes, including cancer. Alcohol is classified as Group 1 carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and alcohol consumption …

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