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Teach teens with confidence!

Adolescence is a time when students go through huge changes, and sometimes school is the last thing on their minds! Cambridge Secondary has got all the materials that teachers need to get teenage classes excited about learning English. From cutting-edge topics to dynamic video, from gripping original fiction to exam preparation made simple, we’ve got the tools and techniques to help bring every class to life, whether you're teaching in person or online.


Catch up on talks from the Global Schools Festival 2021

The online Global Schools Festival featured 30 talks from international ELT experts over 4 days. We looked at the big ideas in teaching and learning and how they can be implemented in the classroom.

Sessions included practical takeaways for teachers and exploration of issues such as oracy, assessment and bridging the learning gap.

Catch up on all of the sessions on YouTube by clicking the button below!

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What do your students care about?

The third edition of our Teaching Teens magazine is all about the top topics among teens, from sustainability and wellbeing, to hobbies they enjoy in their free time. Whatever your current teaching situation is (online, classroom, a mixture of both!) we're here to help you embrace your students' interests in your lessons. Let's keep motivation high!

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Revisit talks from Global Schools Festival 2020

In 2020, the Global Schools Festival saw experts address topics like sustainability, wellbeing and online teaching. Catch up on talks you missed by clicking the button below.

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  • Everything you need in one place

    Whether you're teaching remotely or in the classroom, we've got a range of digital tools to help you keep learners motivated. The brand-new digital package on Cambridge One lets you plan, present and assess student performance, all in the same place. Learners can access mobile-friendly bite-sized extra practice and collaborate and share their work remotely. Automatically-marked activities help you see student progress at a glance.

    > View the video demo

  • Preparing students for a rapidly changing world

    Watch our life competency videos to help your students develop transferable skills to take beyond the classroom.

     > Find out more

  • What we know about the teenage brain

    Explore the changes that affect the teenage brain and how we can help teenagers through these changes.

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  • More from Cambridge Secondary

    From understanding the teenage brain to the impact that peers have on learning, we’re looking at the topics that matter to your Secondary classroom.

    > Explore the secondary archive

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Visit the Secondary “World of Better Learning” blog for ideas, insights and free resources from global experts in teaching.

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  • Itana Lins, Brazil

    "Eyes Open has helped my students have the feeling that they belong to the world, that they are world citizens". 



  • Charlie, Amazon review

    "Cambridge English Readers are a wonderful resource for the busy but dedicated teacher of English as a second language. I will definitely be purchasing more of these wonderful little books."  


  • Alex, Amazon review

    "THiNK is a Fabulous course - really well targeted at a teenage learner. The best available". 



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