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  • ISBN:9780521648660
  • Format:Paperback
  • Subject(s):English as a Second Language
  • Author(s):Mark Cholij
  • Available from: No date available

Cover the 'mechanics' of English language.

Sorry, the product you are trying to view is not available in your country.


    Provides an introduction to the basic principles of the English language for 9–11 year-olds. Also suitable as a revision book for older children.

  • Contents
    • English Basics covers the ‘mechanics’ of the English language: spelling, punctuation and grammar. Each book offers a systematic work and study programme for use in the classroom or at home.

    • Each unit consists of three sections. Initial tasks enable students to assess their grasp of a particular language point; a reference section contains accessible explanations and plenty of examples; and further exercises offer extension, revision and consolidation. A full glossary and answer key are also included.

    • Unit 1. Starting and finishing a sentence
    • Unit 2. Showing what someone else has said
    • Unit 3. Capital letters
    • Unit 4. Using the comma
    • Unit 5. Being careful with the comma
    • Unit 6. What is the plural of 'knife'?
    • Unit 7. What is the plural of 'potato'?
    • Unit 8. Combing words with an apostrophe
    • Unit 9. Adding -'s to a noun
    • Unit 10. Whose, its, theirs...
    • Unit 11. Adding -'s to a verb
    • Unit 12. Adding -ing to a verb
    • Unit 13. Adding -ed to a verb
    • Unit 14. Irregular verbs 1
    • Unit 15 Irregular verbs 2
    • Unit 16. Adjectives
    • Unit 17. Adjectives ending in -ing/-ed
    • Unit 18. Making adjectives negative
    • Unit 19. Adding -er/-est to an adjective
    • Unit 20. Adverbs ending in -ly
    • Unit 21. Some tricky nouns
    • Unit 22. Who/which/whose/whom
    • Unit 23. Spoken and written English 1
    • Unit 24. Spoken and written English 2
    • Unit 25. Of/off, into, out of...
    • Unit 26. Silent letters
    • Unit 27. Words that sound alike
    • Unit 28. Some confusing words
    • Unit 29. Look, lock, lack, lake...
    • Unit 30. Is it 'freind' or 'friend'?
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