Manage your own professional development

Develop your teaching skills and career with the help of Cambridge Teacher Development.  You can get a better understand of what you need to focus on, as well as get access to courses and resources to help you on your professional development journey. 

Find out the range of skills and competencies that a professional teacher needs to acquire and develop to become an expert teacher.   Check the Cambridge English Teaching Framework to see the different skills areas and stages of professional development.  This Framework has been developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, after extensive research into what skills a good teacher needs to demonstrate in their teaching.

Find out where you are in your professional development.   Where are your skills strong, and where do you need to focus your development activity. Take the Self Assessment on the Cambridge English Teacher Development Tracker.  Then you can decide on your priorities for professional development.

Cambridge can help you with a wide range of online courses, an online resource library, a great range of well-known books on important areas of language teaching and learning.

You can also prove your language teaching credentials through one of the many teaching qualifications from Cambridge English Language Assessment.


Types of support from Cambridge

Cambridge provides a wide range of resources, materials and services to help you develop your professional skills.

1. Online courses

A choice of nearly thirty online courses - from introductory modules for a couple of hours, to in-depth courses taking about 20-25 hours of engagement.

These courses are convenient - do them any time, any place and in bite-sized chunks of work.

They are interactive - with various tasks and activities for you to check your understanding and development.

You can check your progress on each course, as a progress checker is built into the Cambridge Learning Management System where these courses are available.

 For more info on online courses, go to this page.

2.  Online Resource Library

This is an online library of nearly a thousand teacher development resources - videos, webinar recordings, articles and teaching tasks. This is also available on the Cambridge Learning Management System.


For more info on the Online Resource Library, go to this page.

Listen to leading thinkers talking about teacher development

Penny Ur talks about her teaching experiences and how she developed her 100 Teaching Tips book.

Penny Ur's 100 Teaching Tips interview Part 1

 Scott Thornbury talks about his experience with teacher development and how this shaped the Cambridge Handbook series, which he edits.

Scott Thornbury and the Cambridge Handbook series 

General issues and overview of language teaching



The Cambridge Guide to Pedagogy and Practice in Second Language Teaching. by Anne Burns and Jack Richards  CG_to_Pedagogy__Practice_in_SLT_Burns_and_Richards.jpg


Free booklets



Develop your professional skills

Give better presentations

Dynamic Presentations by Mark Powell  dynamic_presentations.jpg

Video on presentations, by Mark Powell 


Management skills

For help with making the transition from teacher to manager:

From Teacher to Manager, by Ron White et al from_teacher_to_manager.jpg

Teaching qualifications

Cambridge English provide the most widely recognised English language teaching qualifications in the world, trusted by employers and governments everywhere.

  • TKT

    •Teaching Knowledge Test: Flexible modular qualification assessed through paper-based tests.


    •Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults: practical qualification with written assignments and assessed teaching practice

  • CELT-P and CELT-S

    •Certificate in English Language Teaching for Primary/Secondary: Qualifications for Primary and Secondary school English teachers, based around an online course with teaching practice.

  • Delta

    •Diploma in English Language Teaching for Adults: an advanced qualification, with practical and written assessments.

For more information on these and other Cambridge English teaching qualifications, go to this page: Cambridge English Teaching Qualifications


Preparing for Cambridge Teaching Qualifications

If you are preparing for any of these qualifications, we can offer a range of materials that will give you a distinct advantage in your preparations.

TKT Online CourseTKT_online_course.jpg



TKT Course - core modules 1, 2 and 3 TKT_course_3_modules.jpg


TKT CLIL module TKT_CLIL_module.jpg


The CELTA Course by Scott Thornbury and Peter Watkins CELTA_course.jpg


Assessment skills

Develop your knowledge and skills in assessing your students.


Assessment and technology

Assessing Language through Computer Technology by Carol A. Chappelle and Dan Douglas. assessing_language_through_computer_technology.jpg

Sample chapter:  assessing-language-through-computer-technology-hardback-sample-pages.pdf


Assessment and young learners

Assessing young language learners by Penny McKay  assessing_young_language_learners.jpg

Sample chapter:  assessing-young-language-learners-hardback-sample-pages.pdf

Key Issues in Language Teaching
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Penny Ur's 100 Teaching Tips
Penny Ur's 100 Teaching Tips

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The CELTA Course
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The Cambridge Guide to Blended Learning for Language Teaching
The Cambridge Guide to Blended Learning for Language Teaching

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The Cambridge Guide to Research in Language Teaching and Learning
The Cambridge Guide to Research in Language Teaching and Learning

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The TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3
The TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3

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