22 MAY 2012

Brad Philpot on writing for the IB Curriculum

Brad has taught English in the Netherlands since 2000. He is an examiner, workshop leader and consultant for the IB, which means he likes to travel. Between trips, Brad finds the time to develop teaching materials. He has written English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma, published by Cambridge University Press, and the English A: Language and Literature Subject Site for InThinking. Besides writing and traveling, Brad likes to spend time with his family. Raising three bilingual children has given him insight into the wonderful world of language acquisition.

Writing for the IB Curriculum

With the arrival of the new Language A: Language and Literature course, there have been many questions on how to teach it. The IB guide presents both challenges and opportunities. 'Texts' are very broadly defined in this course, meaning that students can explore print ads, film, and graphic novels, along with the more traditional literary texts that have been studied in the past. What's more, texts are explored by looking at the contexts in which they were written and read. When writing the website and textbook, I've translated these abstract ideas into concrete, hands-on materials for students and teachers.

Curriculum connections

As IB students are encouraged to think both critically and globally, the coursebook offers engaging activities on a broad range of texts from all over the Anglophone world. Links to the Theory of Knowledge course are integrated throughout the book, along with ideas on how to develop an Extended Essay. The discussion points and activities allow students to develop elements of the IB Learner Profile.

English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma, Cambridge University Press

English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma has become so popular because it provides students with the tools to meet the learning outcomes of the course. Its part-by-part approach and its broad range of assessment samples make the book an essential resource for exam candidates. What's more, students like its colorful layout and variety of features, such as key word boxes and Higher Level extensions. You can be sure that your students will get the most of their English A: Language and Literature class with this textbook in hand.

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