TOK-bite video 3 (part 2): how to make TOK relevant to learners

Jane Sly

The last episode in the TOK-bite series looked at how to make Theory of Knowledge (TOK) relevant to your students – specifically in the context of maths, history and politics. In this episode, authors Wendy Heydorn and Susan Jesudason continue with this topic. Here they discuss how technology impacts what we know, the value of reflection, and the extended essay in more detail.

Here is TOK-bite three, part two.

In the episode above, our authors consider how to encourage your students to reflect on TOK topics. In order for students to reflect, they need to draw upon their own learning. This includes their personal experiences, perspectives, beliefs and claims. They can of course only do this if they can understand how TOK relates to them – see the previous episode for guidance on this topic.

Summary – TOK extended essay

Here is a summary of ways that students can connect TOK to their extended essay:

– Consider the extended essay through the lens of knowledge framework
– Identify and explore relevant TOK concepts they’ve used in research: evidence, explanation or justification
– Based on their research, how justified are their conclusions and what questions remain unresolved?

The fifth and final TOK-bite video focuses on the new assessment for 2022 – the TOK exhibition.

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