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Turn Left At Orion: Hundreds Of Night Sky Objects To See In A Home Telescope - And How to Find Them

The Turn Left at Orion Web Pages

Welcome to the Turn Left at Orion web resource site! We hope you explore these resources and use them to enhance your experience with the book. For more details on what you can find on this website, click here.

Depending on your telescope and where you’re observing, the star charts and Moon photos printed in the book may be upside-down or mirror imaged from how you see them. In the Seasonal Objects sections of this site, we provide extra sky charts with a variety of different orientations, and we do the same for the images in the Moon section; you can download, print out, and use the versions that match your telescope. Look there and you’ll also find lots links to of additional information about each object

Do you want to know some key stargazing dates to mark on your calendar? Check out What’s Up Tonight. The Moon page includes links to information on every lunar eclipse until 2032.

How about the planets and their moons: when are they best seen this year? How about what filters to use? Check out the Planets page.

Would you like to make your own list of things you want to see? Our tables are a good place to start your list; you can download them at Tables – what, where, and when to observe.

Have you gotten hooked on stargazing? If so, we’re delighted! You’ll want to know what to do next. The Where do you go from here? page provides links to books, magazines, software, organizations, and all sorts of other resources to help you delve deeper into stargazing.

We’d like to thank all the people who have helped us through the wonderfully fun process of producing Turn Left at Orion and this website.

Clear Skies!

-Dan & Guy