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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

August 12th 2022 0

A Revamped Archaeology of Blackness

The discipline of Classics stands at a curious crossroads. While some of its advocates resist conflating the ancient Greco-Roman world with the twenty-first century, others weaponize Greco-Roman antiquity for modern gain. The latter stance becomes especia…

August 12th 2022

An Apology for the Life of Mr Colley Cibber: a new edition

Alexander Pope thought he was dullness incarnate; Henry Fielding accused him of murdering the English Language; Aaron Hill compared his acting to ‘the heavings of a disjointed caterpillar’. Even one of his editors accused him of ‘inordin…

August 10th 2022

Aquinas on Efficient Causation and Causal Powers

Our everyday experience of the world reveals that the things around us are constantly changing.  As I look out my window, I notice that the grass outside has grown taller, the green raspberries have ripened into larger red berries, and the metal fenc…

August 9th 2022

Social Inquiry and Bayesian Inference: Rethinking Qualitative Research

What is Bayesian reasoning and how can we apply it to case studies and qualitative research? The basic idea is simple—we are social science “detectives,” and our goal is to find any and all information we can to help us figure out the be…

August 9th 2022

Can Fracking Ease the Global Energy Crunch?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a global energy crisis. The United States and the European Union have instituted partial embargos on Russian oil and gas, while Russia has responded by cutting off gas to Poland and Bulgaria.

August 8th 2022

Ruling Children: Boy Kings in Medieval Europe

The succession of a child king was a relatively common occurrence across medieval Europe, but kingship is still usually studied from an adult-focused perspective which sees boy rulers as paradoxes or unimportant pawns. Royal Childhood and Child Kingship s…

August 5th 2022

Democracy: ‘the line of truth and utility’

There is no doubt that liberal democracy as being currently practiced in the west, despite serious problems, is superior beyond comparison to many authoritarian or totalitarian autocracies. The latter can indeed produce impressive results which the former…

August 4th 2022

World Crime Fiction

At the end of “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” Edgar Allan Poe’s detective Auguste Dupin, the prototype of the analytical detective, offers a disparaging verdict on the Parisian Prefect of Police. The Prefect has “impaired his visi…

August 4th 2022

Will There Be a Thaw Period in China after Xi?

Perhaps the biggest challenge to dictatorships is the danger and uncertainty associated with a leadership transition. No one—including the ruler—knows the real rules of transition, such as how the next ruler is chosen and how the incumbent sho…

August 1st 2022

Understanding Human Metabolism: Carbohydrates, the bread of life

Keith Frayn, author of Understanding Human Metabolism address some of the major misconceptions about human metabolism.

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August 17th 2022 0

Intrapreneurship 101: innovating from within

Karina Prasad and Jason Mellad sit down with the University of Cambridge Online to discuss the ins and outs of intrapreneurship.

August 17th 2022 0

UK Law Commission: Options Paper includes criminal offence of failure to prevent human rights abuses

The failure to hold to account criminally UK companies (and companies which operate in the UK and/or have UK listings) which are complicit in human rights abuses abroad stands in stark contrast to more promising developments in countries such as France, w…

August 16th 2022 0

A new-look Journal of Hellenic Studies sets its sights on publishing improvements

The Journal of Hellenic Studies is making some key improvements which will better support authors and readers. Most importantly, from 17 August 2022, contributions to the journal should be submitted using the new online submission system on the Cambrid…

August 16th 2022 0

Tools for Palmer Amaranth Control Continue to Shrink

Palmer amaranth has a well-earned reputation as one of the most problematic weeds in agriculture. It is known for its many weedy traits and for its propensity to evolve resistance to herbicides of varying sites of action. An article featured in the latest…

August 16th 2022 0

Publishing for Posterity: The Daily Front Page and the ILM

A central point in every daily newspaper’s publishing cycle is the late afternoon meeting where, traditionally, editors sit around a table and decide which stories belong on the next day’s front page.…

August 15th 2022 0

Can Pairing Herbicides with Prescribed Burning Improve Downy Brome Control?

Downy brome is an annual winter grass that has invaded millions of acres of western rangelands and wildlands. It can outcompete native vegetation and can increase the frequency and severity of wildfires by leaving behind dense mats of litter at the end of…

August 14th 2022 0

Trilobites’ growth may have resembled that of modern marine crustaceans

Trilobites- extinct marine arthropods that roamed the world’s oceans from about 520 million years ago until they went extinct 250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian period – may have grown in a similar fashio…

August 12th 2022 0

Teaching Data Reuse

In the spring semester of 2020, I developed and taught a class on archaeological data reuse and digital literacy at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.…

August 11th 2022 0

Disentangling Emotions during the Coronavirus Outbreak in Spain: Inner Emotions, Descripting Feeling Rules and Socioemotional Conventions

The paper “Disentangling Emotions during the Coronavirus Outbreak in Spain: Inner Emotions, Descriptive Feeling Rules and Socioemotional Conventions” by Amparo Caballero, Sergio Villar, Itziar Fernández, Verónica Sevillano, Pablo…

August 11th 2022 0

2022 JFM-Flow China Symposium: from fundamentals to applied mechanics 

We were excited to hold the  JFM/FLOW 2022 China Symposium in Xi’an in June 2022. This is the second time Journal of Fluid Mechanics (JFM) has held a symposium in China but the first which included our new journal Flow. …

August 10th 2022 0

Open Innovation Platforms Recognized As Approach To Solving Brain Health Crisis

There is widely agreed to be a brain health crisis. This crisis affects everyone, either directly or indirectly. Around 23% of people infected with COVID will become “long haulers”, where neurological manifestations are common.&helli…

August 9th 2022 0

A Q&A with the course leaders of The Wealth Economy: A Framework for Sustainable Prosperity ‘Beyond GDP’

Diane Coyle (left) and Saite Lu (right)Diane Coyle is Bennett Professor of Public Policy at the Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge, where she leads research under the themes of progress and productivity.…

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