The rate at which new technologies are developed and adopted around the world is accelerating.

This acceleration of change gives us new opportunities to improve the learning process, so it is tempting for us to seize on the latest and greatest technology. However, we mustn’t ignore what we have learned about good pedagogy from centuries of experience. That’s why we make selective use of technologies to improve the learning process: not just to be first.

In our pursuit of better learning, we investigate the educational value of new digital tools. Our technology and research teams follow an iterative process of trying new approaches, observing their impact and reflecting on how to improve them. This helps us to focus on making practical improvements that can be quickly deployed in the classroom.

Plan act observe react - iterative cycle.jpg

It is through this approach that we have achieved our biggest advancements in the field of e-learning: from the groundbreaking Cambridge Learning Management System to our pioneering work in the field of flexible blended learning.