Our dedicated Learning Solutions Unit has been successfully delivering customised Cambridge content worldwide for over ten years.


Our quick-response team of experts works closely with local partners to advise on the most suitable solution, with research and local understanding at the heart of everything that we do.

Each project is unique. From simple design changes through to the creation of completely custom content in a range of formats, the possibilities are endless.

What kinds of personalisation are available?


  • Cover adaptation, for example including the logo of your institution

Your language

  • Specific adaptations using first-language research from our unique learner language databases

  • Shaping content to identify and meet both general and L1-specific challenges faced by English learners

Cultural relevance

  • Increased relevancy of materials through adapting content to suit specific or general areas of interest
  • Removal or adjustment of content or imagery to suit your context


  • Adjusting course content or structure to fit governmental or institutional curriculum requirements

Format and structure

  • Adapting content to suit specific digital or print format requirements