Pitched at the right level

We develop well-paced learning materials that motivate learners and teachers.

With access to unique corpus research, our authors can build CEFR-aligned syllabuses. This means that our learning materials are pitched at the right level: challenging, yet achievable.

Clear aims and opportunities for self-evaluation help learners recognise their progress and encourage them to achieve their goals.

Content that inspires

The best learning materials use genuinely interesting, relevant content to engage learners.

Authentic, interesting texts
Impactful video of global interest
Natural conversational audio

Relevance and variety

The needs of a learner in Madrid are very different to the needs of a learner in Dubai. Our dedicated Adaptations unit customises learning materials for groups of learners to create more relevant learning experiences.

Our authors also use a variety of activities, tasks and materials in the design of their courses to aid learner motivation and sustain interest levels.


We let technology do what it does best so that teachers can do what they do best… teach!

Free up lost time

Automated marking and progress tracking functions save teachers time so that they can give learners a more motivating, personalised education. 

Engage the classroom

Presentation tools can make a classroom a more fun and interactive place to be. They’re also great for classroom management: allowing teachers to set up and run classroom activities with ease.

Delivered your way

Printed materials are still a popular choice amongst teachers and learners, but more and more people are now opting to use their mobile devices to access content. We develop digital tools alongside printed books to let learners make their own choice.