As well as improved formal assessment results, by working with Cambridge you’ll see positive attitude and behavior change across your institution.

Teachers enjoy teaching and learners enjoy learning, becoming motivated and confident English communicators.

Improved Outcomes

Measure your own success

No one knows your learners better than you. Whilst we’re confident that your institution can achieve more with Cambridge, what better way is there to measure this success than with your own impact study toolkit? 

Our research team has extensive experience in analysing the effectiveness of learning materials and we share this expertise with you.  

We can provide advice, data collection tools and plans, and guidance on results analysis and evaluation, giving you everything you need to measure the success of your own program.

  • questionnaires (for teachers, students and managers)

  • interview scripts

  • focus group prompts

  • general competency tests

  • achievement tests for specific areas of learning

  • classroom observation checklists