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Content that makes a difference

Effective course books and digital resources, formed from our insights, that really work for you and your learners.

Digital at the core

We are digital leaders, developing tools which truly add value to the learning process.

What sets us apart is that our digital and online learning environments are driven by the Cambridge Principles of Digital Pedagogy. This means that the choices we make about tools and experiences are based on what makes pedagogical sense rather than on just what is possible.

Our intuitive tools and accessible platforms mean we can help teachers and learners wherever and whenever they need us most.

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  • Digital adding value to the learning process

    Our digital materials are underpinned by the latest research into second language acquisition and the Cambridge Principles of Digital Pedagogy. We identify when learning is best achieved through printed media and when it is best achieved through digital media. In this way, we are developing innovative digital materials that bring added value to the learning experience and that support the development of digital literacy in our learners.

    We also work with experts in the field of EdTech and digital methodologies to ensure our technology advancements are current, effective and suited to our learners’ and teachers’ needs.

  • Responsive and accessible digital content

    We know that one size does not fit all – many classrooms have different digital requirements/capabilities and learners will have different preferences. We create digital content that is adaptive and mobile-optimised, to provide personalised learning journeys. We offer immersive experiences that go beyond the classroom through our use of blended materials and mobile content.

    Our adaptive content responds to learner activity and performance, suggesting learning paths that will be most effective for the individual. It also allows for clear goal setting and visibility of progress, both for the teacher and the learner.

Mobile phone displaying Cambridge One app
Mobile phone displaying Cambridge One app
  • Digital tools that tackle teacher workloads and boost learner motivation

    We create digital tools that offer clear, straightforward and attractive functionality. This allows teachers more time to plan and manage their lessons, while allowing learners to access the material without difficulty. Our exciting and attractive design creates motivating learning experiences and entices learners back for more.

    Our digital materials are also designed to be adaptable for varying needs and suitable for classes of students with a range of abilities. We offer support for those who may need additional help and alternative technological features (for example, larger text and use of highlighting).

  • The insights behind our content

    Mobile Learning – Research paper




    Adaptive Technology and Learning – Research paper




Content that's ready to go with Evolve!

Our new six-level English course gets students speaking with confidence. It combines insights from teaching experts and equips students with smartphone activities that bring live content into the classroom.


Find out more



Creating effective learning materials

Because our materials are informed by the very latest research into teaching methodologies and language learning, we know they provide the most effective support to our learners. Our research has shown that by encouraging learners to actively bring their own experiences and goals into the class we're able to support them in developing skills that go beyond just language learning. Along with this, our flexible and adaptable activities and tools can fit with every learner's needs.

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Insights informing the materials

The insights that we gain from research are used to inform the materials that we create. This way, we can ensure that our content is current, effective and perfectly matched to the needs of our teachers and their learners. We do this through close collaboration between our Language Research Team and Materials Developers, working together to establish innovative practices and assess the quality of our materials.

Research insights are frequently signposted throughout the material, such as in the student’s class material or teacher’s resources. Professional development resources and services include detailed guidance on teaching based on new research. Additional resources such as our extensive range of ELT Research Papers give support and fresh ideas for language teaching, as well as providing the theory behind the methodologies employed in our materials.

Content that teachers love, and learners want to use

We know that teachers want to use course materials that are easy to use, but that also get the right results for their students. From the learners' perspective, they want to enjoy themselves! We are always keen to hear how institutions are using our courses and these examples show you just how they are achieving success across the world.


    Kid's Box making a difference in Paris

    Hear why these teachers love using Kid's Box to teach their young learners and why they feel it's the fun course for seriously good results!

  • Empower having a global impact

    Find out what students and teachers from ITMO University in Russia thought of Cambridge English Empower and how their teaching and learning has progressed as a result of following the course.

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  • Flexible materials meeting learner's needs

    We recognise that every learner is different. Our materials aim to be adaptable so that teachers and learners can personalise their learning experience.

    We provide additional support for those struggling with particular areas and for those with specific learning differences (e.g. dyslexia). We provide stretch materials for those who require additional challenge to remain motivated by their learning experience.

    Our materials include a variety of topics and tasks so that all learners feel included, respected and motivated. Teachers are supported to manage mixed-ability classrooms by guidance in the teacher’s resources for each course, as well as through our comprehensive teacher development services.

  • Materials that go beyond just language learning

    The classroom is no longer a space in which students learn a subject in isolation. Learners require a wide range of skills to prepare them for an ever-changing global society. In many ways, the language classroom is the ideal place to develop these skills.

    Our materials incorporate subject content across a range of different global curricula, taught through the medium of English. We offer courses on specific subjects (e.g. Science) in English. Learning objectives are aligned to the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework to ensure that learners are practising the competencies they require at each stage of their learning journey.



    Insights that help shape content

    Developing young writers in ELT  Research paper




  • Benchmarked materials giving you confidence

    When using our courses and resources, learners and teachers can feel confident that they are progressing and covering appropriate learning objectives. This is because our materials are aligned to research-informed, validated frameworks outlining a range of language and skills, including CEFR progression, Principles of Language Learning, Cambridge English Curriculum and Cambridge Life Competencies.

    Our materials are also aligned to the Cambridge Exam curricula and include exclusive validated preparation material for Cambridge English Qualifications.

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Supporting teachers, supporting institutions

We can only build brighter futures for our learners when we work together, and we are here to provide support for institutions and teachers in order to be ready for any challenge the classroom can throw at us. We provide support for teachers in professional development and support for institutions in all areas of education.

See for yourself below.

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Creating solutions perfect for you

Every English language programme is different, and we understand that.

We can work with you to provide a bespoke, comprehensive solution to your needs, along with all the support that you need to make your programme a success.

Take a look below at what we can do together to create the perfect solution for you.

Professional Learning and Development

Our teacher development courses and resources support teachers to build their knowledge, skills and confidence. All of our materials are developed by experts in teacher training and development and have a practical focus to help teachers improve the learning and achievements of their students. 

We can provide support in two ways


    Affordable courses, books and online resources, helping teachers develop skills and expertise.


    Combining the right mix of materials and training to help develop teachers where institutions need it most.

Customisation of content

Learners are excited, motivated and successful when using materials that are suited to their context and goals.

We can work with you to provide print and digital resources that meet your specific needs. 

Customisation means different things to different institutions or bodies; hence we can approach this in different ways:

Tailored language, Curriculum matching, Cultural references
  • CIIP (Switzerland)

    We developed a bespoke curriculum and course materials for Swiss state schools covering upper primary and secondary levels. This includes a full suite of five custom-designed course books with both print and digital materials and websites.

    We also worked with CIIP to provide additional consultancy and teacher training to ensure the success of this project. Cambridge is the sole provider of ELT materials to all Swiss Romande cantons at upper primary and secondary levels.

    The programme was rolled out over five years, with over 20,000 students in each year, so we now have well over 100,000 students benefitting from adapted Cambridge materials.

Programme development support and consultation services

Build a strategic foundation for your English programme.

By setting out the objectives and preferred methods, we can make your programme more efficient and effective.

We can work with you to design a new English Language programme or build on your existing one, aligning it with a range of parameters, including:

Desired CEFR levels, Cambridge English Exams, Workplace or Further education requirements, preferred pedagogic approach
  • TAL (China)

    We created a complete suite of bespoke learning materials for our partners TAL in China in the form of a curriculum, syllabus, and six-level, completely customised course called Hello English.

    The course recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, with over 1,000,000 students having now studied with the programme and continues to deliver successful outcomes for its learners.


Let's build a brighter future together

Our teams are ready around the world to find the right solution for you. Let us get in touch and we can start your journey today.

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