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  • Grammar and Beyond

    Second Edition

    Connecting grammar and writing for academic success and beyond.

    A four-level course to help students learn the most useful grammar and academic writing, perfect for grammar classes with a strong focus on developing academic writing skills or to be used in academic writing courses. Students learn grammar in real-world contexts that apply outside the classroom and become a foundation to acquiring key academic writing skills. Each Student's Book includes an activation code to Online Practice for more activities using mobile devices.


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    Product Details

    Authors: Randi Reppen, Laurie Blass, Susan Iannuzzi, John D. Bunting, Luciana Diniz
    CEFR Levels: A1 - C1

      Key Features  

    Academic writing skills and strategies prepare students to think critically and write successfully in the college classroom.
    Avoid Common Mistakes helps students identify and correct their most commonly made errors to develop self-editing skills and improve their speaking and writing.
    Rigorous vocabulary development using thematically linked words are recycled throughout the unit allowing students to acquire the meaning naturally.
    QR codes throughout the book give point-of-use access to audio in class or for review.
    Online Practice is included in every Student’s Book. - The Digital Workbook provides additional activities and an opportunity for students to assess their mastery of the grammar points. - Writing Skills Interactive develops a wide range of skills for students to become successful writers.

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    Informed by years of research 

    The grammar presented is based on the grammar of written and spoken English as it is used in college lectures, textbooks, academic essays, high school classrooms, and coversations between instructors and students.


    Authors were able to write the course based on research and analysis of over one billion words of authentic written and spoken language.

    • Present grammar rules that accurately represent how English is actually spoken and written
    • Identify and teach differences between the grammar of written and spoken English
    • Focus more attention on the structures that are commonly used, and less on those that are rarely used, in writing and speaking
    • Help students avoid the most common mistakes that English language learners make
    • Choose reading topics that will naturally elicit examples of the target grammar structure
    • Introduce important vocabulary from the Academic Word List

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    Avoid Common Mistakes

    The mistakes highlighted in this section are drawn from an authentic database of over 35 million words from student essays written by non-native speakers of English and information from experienced classroom teachers.

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    Data from the Real World

    Concrete and useful points discovered through analysis of corpus data takes students beyond traditional information and teaches them how grammar is used in authentic situations.

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    Real-world Contexts 

     Students engage with contexts they experience in the real-world such as culture, technology, and lifestyles while learning key grammar points to make them more fluent speakers and writers.

    Academic Writing

    Every unit ends with an Academic Writing section. In Levels 1 through 3, this edition of Grammar and Beyond teaches students to write academically using writing cycles that span several units. In Level 4, the entire scope and sequence is organized around the types of essays students write in college, and focuses on the grammar rules, conventions, and structures needed to master them.

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    Grammar in the Real World

    Each unit presents the grammar in a realistic context using contemporary text.

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    Realistic Grammar Presentation

    Grammar is presented in clear and simple charts. The grammar points presented in these charts have been tested against real-world data to ensure that they are authentic representations of actual use of English.

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    Achieving grammar learning outcomes 

    Check student progress throughout to make sure they are track to achieving learning outcomes.

    Online Practice

    Students can access both the Digital Workbook and Writing Skills Interactive using their smartphones, tablets, or computers with single log-in.

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    Tracking student progress

    Unit, Midterm, and Final Tests help you assess how the students are doing. You can also keep track and check each student's activities and time on task in the Cambridge One Gradebook.

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    Kahoot! quizzes

    Ready-made Kahoot quizzes allow students to practice grammar and recognize common mistakes, and can be used for diagnostic assessment, practice, formative assessment and review. Host a live game by sharing your screen or create a challenge for your students to play on their own.

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