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The Globalization of Ethics


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521700214)

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Contributors page ix
Acknowledgments xiii
1   Introduction: The Globalization of Ethics 1
  Will Kymlicka
2   Global Ethics and the International Law Tradition 17
  Daniel Philpott
3   Morality and Universality in Jewish Thought 38
  Michael Walzer
4   Globalization and Christian Ethics 53
  Max L. Stackhouse
5   Buddhism and the Globalization of Ethics 75
  Peter Nosco
6   Muslim Perspectives on Global Ethics 93
  Muhammad Khalid Masud
7   Confucianism: Ethical Uniformity and Diversity 117
  Richard Madsen
8   Natural Law, Common Morality, and Particularity 134
  Mark C. Murphy
9   Liberalism and the Globalization of Ethics 151
  Chris Brown
10   Feminist Perspectives on a Planetary Ethic 171
  Kimberly Hutchings
11   Ethical Universalism and Particularism: A Comparison of Outlooks 191
  William M. Sullivan
  Appendix: Key Documents on Global Ethics 213
A   Universal Declaration of Human Rights 213
B   International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 219
C   International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights 229
D   Declaration Toward a Global Ethic 236
E   Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights 247
F   Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam 257
G   The Bangkok Declaration 263
H   Asian Human Rights Charter: A People’s Charter 268
Bibliography 283
Index 297

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