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Particle Dark Matter


  • Page extent: 762 pages
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  • Dewey number: 523.1/126
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: QB791.3 .P365 2010
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Dark matter (Astronomy)
    • Mass (Physics)

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521763684)

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Dark matter is among the most important open problems in modern physics. Aimed at graduate students and researchers, this book describes the theoretical and experimental aspects of the dark matter problem in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. Featuring contributions from 48 leading theorists and experimentalists, it presents many aspects, from astrophysical observations to particle physics candidates, and from the prospects for detection at colliders to direct and indirect searches. The book introduces observational evidence for dark matter along with a detailed discussion of the state-of-the-art of numerical simulations and alternative explanations in terms of modified gravity. It then moves on to the candidates arising from theories beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, and to the prospects for detection at accelerators. It concludes by looking at direct and indirect dark matter searches, and the prospects for detecting the particle nature of dark matter with astrophysical experiments.

• Describes the theoretical and experimental aspects of the dark matter problem • Presents observations, theory and experiments to give a complete and consistent understanding of dark matter • Features contributions from leading experts in the field


Part I. DM in Cosmology: 1. Particle dark matter G. Bertone and J. Silk; 2. Simulations of CDM haloes B. Moore and J. Diemand; 3. MW substructures J. Bullock, M. Kaplinghat and L. Strigari; 4. Gravitational lensing and dark matter Y. Mellier; 5. Dark matter at the centers of galaxies D. Merritt; 6. Modified gravity as an alternative to DM J. Bekenstein; Part II. Candidates: 7. DM production mechanisms G. Gelmini and P. Gondolo; 8. Supersymmetric DM candidates J. Ellis and K. Olive; 9. DM at the EW scale: non-SUSY candidates G. Servant; 10. Non-WIMP candidates J. L. Feng; 11. Axions P. Sikivie; 12. Sterile neutrinos M. Shaposhnikov; Part III. Colliders Searches: 13. SUSY searches at the LHC T. Plehn and G. Polesello; 14. SUSY DM at colliders M. Battaglia and M. E. Peskin; 15. Extra dimensions at the LHC K. Kong, K. Matchev and G. Servant; 16. SUSY tools F. Boudjema, J. Edsjö and P. Gondolo; Part IV. Direct Detection: 17. Direct detection of WIMPs D. G. Cerdeño and A. Green; 18. Annual modulation with NaI(Tl) R. Bernabei and P. Belli; 19. Particle DM and DAMA N. Fornengo; 20. Cryogenic detectors G. Gerbier and J. Gascon; 21. Liquid noble gases E. Aprile and L. Baudis; 22. Directional detectors N. Spooner; 23. Axion searches S. Asztalos; Part V. Indirect Detection and Astrophysical Constraints: 24. Gamma-rays L. Bergström and G. Bertone; 25. Neutrinos F. Halzen and D. Hooper; 26. Antimatter P. Salati, F. Donato and N. Fornengo; 27. Multi-wavelength S. Profumo and P. Ullio; 28. Dark matter and BBN K. Jedamzik and M. Pospelov; 29. Dark matter and stars G. Bertone; Appendix; References; Index.


G. Bertone, J. Silk, B. Moore, J. Diemand, J. Bullock, M. Kaplinghat, L. Strigari, Y. Mellier, D. Merritt, J. Bekenstein, G. Gelmini, P. Gondolo, J. Ellis, K. Olive, G. Servant, J. L. Feng, P. Sikivie, M. Shaposhnikov, T. Plehn, G. Polesello, M. Battaglia, M. E. Peskin, K. Kong, K. Matchev, F. Boudjema, J. Edsjö, D. G. Cerdeño, A. Green, R. Bernabei, P. Belli, N. Fornengo, G. Gerbier, J. Gascon, E. Aprile, L. Baudis, N. Spooner, S. Asztalos, L. Bergström, F. Halzen, D. Hooper, P. Salati, F. Donato, S. Profumo, P. Ullio, K. Jedamzik, M. Pospelov

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