15 MAY 2019

A brief history of words

A brief history of words

Classroom activities for your AS & A Level English language students

Did you know that 'knife and fork' haven’t always been a pair? ‘Knife’ comes from the Old Norse ‘knifr’, whereas ‘fork’ comes from the Latin ‘furca’. Both words have grown from separate histories to meet in the English language.

There are lots of opportunities to spark learners’ imaginations in your Cambridge International AS & A Level English language lessons. From the curious etymology of words – to the changing meaning and popularity of words over time. Experienced teacher and author, Marilyn Rankin has created these activities to stimulate interesting discussion and thinking in your English language lessons.

Each activity helps develop teamwork and vocabulary learning through classroom discussion. Students are able to build key life skills, such as investigation and independent learning, through researching language.

Download your AS & Level English Language actitivies here

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