Making planning personal!

Making planning personal!


Planning is an essential step in the writing process. But it is one that learners often struggle with. It is easy to say, but harder to do! Besides, plans (whether ones provided by you or ones that students create) will vary according to the needs of the task and the level of the learner.

Here is a quick check list of six key points to make sure the sorts of plans students use are useful. And below, we have some downloadable planning sheets you can use with your students! 

My recommendation is to have four types of planning template ready. These can be summed up as:

Extended writing table
Let us take an example of writing a personal or autobiographical account of a memorable funny moment. How would this look as a set of four plans in the style of those above? 

Check these out and use them as you wish. These are just examples – you can tweak or amend them to suit you.

In the meantime, happy planning!

Language expert and Cambridge author Sally Burbeary

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Mike Gould is an author of over 150 books and resources for students and teachers. He has been a Subject Leader for English in two UK secondary schools, lectured in English and Education, and worked as an adviser for the National Literacy Trust and Office for Qualifications (Ofqual) in the UK. He is co-author of the Cambridge Grammar and Writing Skills series.

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