Create a group

Create a group specific to a book by clicking on the Create group button in the ellipsis underneath your book. Expanded ellipsis menu for teachers located underneath book

Fill in the fields on the Create group menu (group name and a unique code) to create a sharable Group code. Copy this code to share with your students. How to create a group code

You can edit and amend your groups through the Manage groups tab on the Home page.

Deleting a group

Go to Manage groups Manage groups button on homepageand select the bin/trash icon to delete a group. Delete group icon in Manage groups areaYou will see a pop up to confirm your choice. Delete group confirmation pop up box You are able to edit the group name and the access code.

To edit the group code click Edit on the Group name line. Edit icon for group information

Group Name line in Manage Groups area

A pop up will open allowing you to edit the Group Name. Change Group Name editing pop up

To edit the access code, click edit on the Access Code line. Edit icon for group information


A pop up will open allowing you to edit the Access Code. Elevate_Change_Access_Code_pop_up

A student cannot be removed from the school, but can be removed from a group, to remove a student select using the tick boxes and click the Remove student button. Remove students from group button in Manage Groups area

Resetting/changing the password of a student

Under the ‘Manage groups’ tab, click on the person button to edit the first name, last name, email address and password. Edit user icon in Manage groups area Edit user information pop up

Teachers can fix errors in names and email addresses as well as reset passwords.

For more help, watch our how to video.