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Our expertise

We’re highly experienced in creating high-quality textbooks, developing capacity in publishing and textbook evaluation, training teachers, and establishing and implementing strategic programmes that enhance local education systems.

What we do

At Cambridge University Press Education Reform, our goal is to help societies evolve and grow by improving education equity and quality, raising standards, and giving learners the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to succeed in the modern world.

To do this, we partner with ministries of education, education organisations and international development organisations across the world to realise sustainable solutions, through the creation and implementation of high-quality teaching and learning resources.

Working across education systems, our expert team are able to provide coherent and agile services in publishing, capacity development and consultancy.


We support high-quality education across the world, embodying the University of Cambridge’s mission to ‘contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence’.

Our expertise in creating textbooks and digital resources, supported by the latest learning research, helps students everywhere to develop their knowledge and achieve their potential.

We will work closely with you to identify the most suitable publishing approach for your needs. We believe that a one-size-fits-all solution is unlikely to be successful – instead, we take into account your local context and short- and long-term objectives to deliver tailored learning resources.

We believe high-quality textbooks must:

  • Provide structure and sequence to the scope of the curriculum
  • Be written at an appropriate language level for learners
  • Provide worked examples and activities for practice and production
  • Apply the best and most appropriate research to improve learning
  • Encourage easy access by teachers and students
1. Custom publishing

Many of our custom publishing projects start with a needs analysis and detailed market research to understand your specific objectives and challenges. We develop resources in partnership with you, considering your local context, international education best practice and the latest educational research.

Our subject experts create high-quality content at a level that is right for your learners. Our resources include textbooks, teacher’s guides (which support teachers in the classroom) and workbooks (which support students outside the classroom).

We have long-standing relationships with some of the best authors from around the world. This means that we are able to publish custom resources of the highest standard at speed. We also publish in multiple languages using the approach of language-supported pedagogy.

We manage the entire publishing process, including sourcing and briefing authors, editorial, design, quality control, and final production, and are at hand at all times to ensure you get the results you want.

2. Contextualised publishing

Education is better when the learner identifies with their learning environment. That’s why we adapt and customise existing print and digital Cambridge resources to reflect the culture, history and values of your country.

By creating learning and teaching materials that contain recognisable locations and references, local currency and common situations, we help create an environment which feels familiar to the learner.

Contextualised publishing projects start with careful research to identify the most suitable resources to customise. Our local experts then work in partnership with you to agree on the appropriate level of adaptation and ensure the content is tailored to your learners for every step of their journey.

3. Publishing project management

Drawing on our deep well of expertise, we provide publishing services that support your existing in-house resource production processes to deliver work of the highest standard. These services include typesetting, editorial, project management, and print and digital production.

Cambridge specialists can help your author teams on a range of publishing challenges. We advise on how to build relevant research into your learning resources to improve their impact; we help schedule and organise different teams to improve publishing processes and deliver textbooks to classrooms on time; and we use our network of experienced, trusted suppliers to help you develop first-class page designs, digital editions or learning objects.


Capacity Development

We can develop capacity among your publishing teams, equipping them with the skills to produce high-quality print and digital resources through on-site training and remote support.

We also provide professional development training for teachers and other education professionals, ensuring they are able to effectively implement the curriculum and use the resources in the classroom.

We don’t just provide a short-term fix. All our capacity development programmes are sustainable, allowing your organisation to deliver our training to new recruits moving forward, so you can have continued success.

In short, we give you the capacity to be at your absolute best when producing education materials.

1. Capacity development in publishing

We train your in-house publishing teams in the necessary skills to become better authors, editors, typesetters and designers, as well as other key publishing functions.

Your team will learn how to develop excellent learning resources, and to improve workflows to make sure those resources are in schools when they are needed.

We work closely with you at every stage to ensure the publishing products are of high quality, reflect your local context, and ultimately deliver on your reform goals.

2. Professional development for teachers

We train teachers to understand and effectively implement your curriculum, making best use of the resources in the classroom. We also work closely with teachers, administrators and senior management teams on developing training programmes that build their professional and personal development skills, and lead to better learning.

Our custom-designed training programmes include popular topics such as how to develop an active learning approach in the classroom, how to include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning across the curriculum, teaching in multilingual classrooms, and addressing special educational needs.


Cambridge University Press Education Reform offers a wide range of consultancy services, drawing on our expertise in education, our belief in the importance of coherence, and our passion for solving challenges. We’re an innovative team who consistently explore new ways to support your individual needs.

Our consultancy services include:

Needs analysis. We work with you to identify any gaps and opportunities within your education system, and help to design effective solutions.

Strategy management. We develop and put into practice strategy in all areas of education, including operations, communications, technology and digital.

Monitoring and evaluation. Together we design effective evaluation programmes to measure the impact of change and help guide your future development.

Evidence-based decision-making. Making the right decisions in education is crucial. We enable you to use the most suitable research to inform your choices, to understand what works elsewhere and to recognise whether it would work for you.

Stakeholder communication. It’s important that the education reform messages to education stakeholders are clear, consistent, address their concerns and promote engagement. We utilise our vast expertise in education and marketing to support our clients in stakeholder communication.


Cambridge partners


Cambridge Assessment International Education

Cambridge Assessment International Education

Cambridge Assessment International Education works in partnership with governments and national education organisations around the world to review, design and develop curriculum programmes, assessment models, and approaches to teaching and learning.

Their long history of successful collaboration with ministries of education started over 100 years ago, and today they continue to provide national examination services and deliver innovative solutions that are tailored to local contexts.

They provide all the supporting services needed to implement education development programmes successfully in:

  • Curriculum review, design and implementation
  • Assessment review, design and implementation
  • Pedagogy and implementing new approaches to teaching and learning


Cambridge Assessment English

Cambridge Assessment

Cambridge Assessment English provides the world’s leading range of qualifications for learners and teachers of English. They have accumulated vast expertise through over 100 years of language learning and assessment, and they work with educational institutions and local and regional governments to help people learn English and prove their skills to the world.


University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education logo

The Faculty of Education’s Education Reform and Innovation (ERI) team provides practical research insights to support the development and implementation of education reform and innovation policies. They work in key areas of theory, practice and reform including: pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, capacity building, change management, and pedagogical leadership.

ERI carries out high-quality research on students, classroom teaching and learning in different subjects, provides continuing teacher and school leadership development, and monitors and evaluates projects to ensure reform solutions are effective and sustainable.

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