Name: Avgvstvm (1)

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 2B1

Color image of immediate environs of Avgvstvm (1)

Onward stretches:

  • XII (12) Etanna
    • River crossing: (river, no. 9A)
  • XIIII (14) Laviscone
    • The linework for this stretch is not marked.
    • The distance figure XIIII placed above Laviscone must surely refer to this stretch, which otherwise (alone hereabouts) lacks one. Note the care taken to ensure that no lettering here extends into the river or is overrun by route linework. This is why Bergvsivm XVI and Avgvstvm are written aslant, and the former name is raised to allow the start of the latter to be pulled back onto its stretch.

Previous stretch: