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Examination and Desk Copies

For Exam Copies (texts under consideration for adoption): Qualified college faculty may request up to three exam copies through this website for their course where a textbook change is being considered. Please fill out a separate form for each exam copy you request.

For Desk Copies (texts which have been adopted): One desk copy per adoption will be provided to instructors who have submitted a bookstore order for a Cambridge University Press title as a required text for their course. An additional desk copy may be provided for a second instructor or TA for multiple sections of over 25 students.

We will only supply examination or desk copies to campus addresses. We will only process those requests that contain a complete school address and course information.

All required fields are noted with an asterisk ( * ).

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15. Requested Cambridge Title (Read Only)
Price Theory and Applications
16. Requested Cambridge Author (Read Only)
Jack Hirshleifer, Amihai Glazer, David Hirshleifer
17. Requested Cambridge ISBN (Read Only)
9780511813382 (this will be an eReview)
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25. If this book is being requested for exam purposes, please indicate the date that you would need to receive the book in order to consider it for class (MM/DD/YYYY).

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