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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

May 28th 2024 0

Ethics in Econometrics – A Guide to Research Practice

Econometricians develop and use methods and techniques to model economic behavior, create forecasts, to do policy evaluation, and to develop scenarios. Often, this ends up in some advice. This advice can be a prediction for the future or for another secto…

May 23rd 2024

The Spread of the Modern Central Bank and Global Cooperation

Central banks have not always been as ubiquitous or as economically and politically prominent as they are today. A century ago, some two-thirds of the world’s countries didn’t have one at all (see chart). Those who did took them less seriously…

May 21st 2024

Secrets of our genome: Small RNAs conduct the molecular orchestra of life

The actions of genes are fundamental to life as we know it. But how is your genome’s prodigious output controlled? What checks and balances ensure the right ‘amount’ of gene activity in each of your trillions of cells? What is conducting…

May 15th 2024

Research Design

To the public at large, scientific “facts” constantly seem to change. Some of these changes are dramatic. When I was a child there were nine planets in our solar system. However, a child born today will learn there are eight, but maybe one mor…

May 13th 2024

How Islam Rules in Iran

How Islam Rules in Iran questions prevailing assumptions about the Iranian theocracy by demonstrating that the Islamic Republic has deep and continuously evolving ideological and jurisprudential roots. In today’s Iran, the book argues, state-religio…

May 10th 2024

Communicate Compellingly, Not Academically

Are you tired of your reports, emails, memos, even social media posts going unread and unappreciated? Here’s the solution, with my five favourite tricks for writing which really makes an impact. Prepare yourself for a shock: Much of how you communic…

May 8th 2024

Just Following Orders: From Perpetrator Testimonies to Brain Research

One night in 2013, I found myself watching a documentary on television about a criminal investigation. Watching such documentaries was not uncommon for me, as my studies in neuropsychology and criminology had fueled my desire to better understand human na…

May 6th 2024

The Necessary Mix

Market favoritism has been aggressively supported for more than 50 years by the Right and adopted by many on the Left. The emphasis has been on the priority of markets over government for solution to policy problems and for enhancing political liberties. …

May 1st 2024

Uniting Slavists Across the Traditions

A linguistic rift runs down the North Atlantic. On its American side linguistics seems to begin and end with phonology, syntax and semantics. On the European side, the picture is much more complex, as linguistics includes things like metalexicography, lex…

May 1st 2024

The quest for the essence of Christianity is alive and well

Adolf von Harnack in May 1923, public domain. The term “essence of Christianity” has an archaic feel about it, not unlike colloquial phrases such as “made in the shade” or “butter and egg man.” According to the Google B…

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May 28th 2024 0

IELIG Early Comments for the ICC Prosecutor’s Policy Paper on Environmental Crimes – Part II

Read part one of this post here. A. What are the Best Practices for Investigating and Prosecuting Crimes that can be Committed by Means of or that Result in Environmental Damage?…

May 24th 2024 0

IELIG Early Comments for the ICC Prosecutor’s Policy Paper on Environmental Crimes – Part I

A.    Introduction In the tumult of war and grave international crimes, the environment often becomes an unassuming casualty, suffering silently amidst the chaos of conflict.…

May 21st 2024 0

Can mechanistic research in nutrition contribute to a better understanding of relationships between diet and non-communicable diseases (NCD)?

Most of the evidence linking diet with complex diseases such as heart disease and cancer (non-communicable diseases (NCD)) is based on findings from epidemiological cohort studies which follow large populations of people to determine whether groups of peo…

May 21st 2024 0

Announcing the VII SPS Annual Lecture

The VII annual meeting and lecture of Social Policy and Society will take place on Friday 7th June 2024 at the University of Derby.

May 20th 2024 0

Origins of medieval coinage revealed

If you were living in north-west Europe in the late 7th century, you would have experienced something that your parents, grandparents, and more distant ancestors had not: coinage.…

May 20th 2024 0

Nothing-Burger? U.S. Obligation to Defend the Philippines in the South China Sea – Part II

Read Part I of this blog post here. I explained that in its 1975 and 1979 legal interpretations of the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) with the Philippines, U.S.…

May 20th 2024 0

World Bee Day

Monday, May 20th is World Bee Day.  Designated by the United Nations in 2017, World Bee Day recognizes the urgent need to protect bees and other pollinators in support of innovative, coordinated, and environmentally sound sustainable development. Bee…

May 17th 2024 0

Nothing-Burger? U.S. Obligation to Defend the Philippines in the South China Sea – Part 1

It is an article of faith among ordinary Filipinos that American troops will die with Filipino troops defending Philippine claims to the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea (SCS).…

May 15th 2024 0

Spray behaviour of Hydrotreated Ester Fatty Acids fuel made from used cooking oil at low injection pressures

This recent study enhances the understanding of alternative fuel atomisation characteristics for a more sustainable aviation industry.

May 15th 2024 0

Conversations with Authors: “Se Habla Español: Spanish-Language Appeals and Candidate Evaluations in the United States”

In this “Conversation with Authors,” we spoke with APSR authors Marques G. Zárate, Enrique Quezada-Llanes and Angel D. Armenta about their open access article “Se Habla Español: Spanish-Language Appeals and Candidate Evalua…

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