We understand that not every institution, teacher, or student will want to use learning materials in exactly the same way.

That’s why our content is designed to be as flexible as possible, giving teachers and learners the freedom to use our materials in the way that suits them best.

And of course, we’re here to support you along the way too.


Flexible solutions

We can provide support for you to develop a program that meets the aims of your institution, using the elements of our content that work best.

Our flexible approach is helping teachers and learners around the world…

MISiS, Russia

  • Supported in the development of a special blended learning program

  • Tailored curriculum using a balance of print and digital content

  • Students able to access the content in class or at home as required

  • Increase in Band 7 IELTS results

IOC, Spain

  • Compared students studying 100% online with those using the traditional model

  • Overwhelmingly positive student feedback: “fantastic”, “brilliant”, “great fun”

  • Pass rate increase from 59% to 69% in one year

Anadolu University, Turkey

  • One of the world’s 5 largest providers of university-level distance learning with 200,000 students

  • Needed to boost participation and reduce dropout rates

  • Blended approach with custom program design

  • 1418% increase in student participation