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  • ISBN:9781316644256
  • Format:Paperback
  • Subject(s):Mathematics
  • Qualification:AQA
  • Author(s):Stephen Ward, Paul Fannon
  • Available from: October 2017

New 2017 Cambridge A Level Maths resources help students with learning and revision.

Sorry, the product you are trying to view is not available in your country.


    Written for the AQA A Level Mathematics specification for first teaching from 2017, this print Student Book covers the content for the second year of A Level. It balances accessible exposition with a wealth of worked examples, exercises and opportunities to test and consolidate learning, providing a clear and structured pathway for progressing through the course. It is underpinned by a strong pedagogical approach, with an emphasis on skills development and the synoptic nature of the course. Includes answers to aid independent study. This book has entered an AQA approval process.

  • Contents
    • This book has entered an AQA approval process.

    • Written specifically for the 2017 qualifications, so teachers and learners can be confident that the content and aims of the specifications are comprehensively covered.

    • Frequent assessment opportunities to support the linear courses, including levelled practice questions, past paper questions, cross-topic review exercises and practice papers.

    • Strong pedagogical focus, with an emphasis on the important overarching skills integral to the 2017 A Level (problem solving, modelling and proof), as well as features to tackle common misconceptions.

    • Emphasis on developing synoptic links between pure and applied areas of maths, helping students to build a coherent mathematical understanding.

    • Free downloadable Schemes of Work (not in the AQA approval process) are available on our website to assist with teacher planning.

    • Answers to all exercises are located at the back of the Student Book.

  • Author(s)
    • 1. Proof and mathematical communication
    • 2. Functions
    • 3. Further transformations of graphs
    • 4. Sequences and series
    • 5. Rational functions and partial fractions
    • 6. General binomial expansion
    • Focus on proof 1
    • Focus on problem solving 1
    • Focus on modelling 1
    • Cross-topic review exercise 1
    • 7. Radian measure
    • 8. Further trigonometry
    • 9. Calculus of exponential and trigonometric functions
    • 10. Further differentiation
    • 11. Further integration techniques
    • 12. Further applications of calculus
    • 13. Differential equations
    • 14. Numerical solutions of equations
    • 15. Numerical integration
    • 16. Applications of vectors
    • Focus on proof 2
    • Focus on problem-solving 2
    • Focus on modelling 2
    • Cross-topic review exercise 2
    • 17. Projectiles
    • 18. Forces in context
    • 19. Moments
    • Focus on proof 3
    • Focus on problem-solving 3
    • Focus on modelling 3
    • Cross-topic review exercise 3
    • 20. Conditional probability
    • 21. The normal distribution
    • 22. Further hypothesis testing
    • Focus on proof 4
    • Focus on problem-solving 4
    • Focus on modelling 4
    • Cross-topic review exercise 4.

    Paul Fannon

    Paul now teaches at Cambridge University after recently teaching mathematics at the Stephen Perse Foundation, Cambridge. He has 10 years’ experience of teaching A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics and the International Baccalaureate. He also has A Level examining experience and is currently active in educational research, specifically working towards a doctoral thesis with the Cambridge Faculty of Education looking at the development of students’ thinking skills.

    Vesna Kadelburg

    Vesna is a Mathematics teacher at The Perse School, Cambridge, with 10 years’ experience of teaching A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and the International Baccalaureate. She has examined at A Level, has a PhD in Mathematics from Trinity College, University of Cambridge, and has just completed the Cambridge Assessment Certificate in Principles and Practice of Assessment.

    Stephen Ward

    Stephen is a Mathematics teacher and Head of Sixth Form at Lancing College, West Sussex. He has eight years’ experience of teaching A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics to students of all abilities, as well as the International Baccalaureate. He also has A Level examining experience. Stephen has an MPhil in Mathematics Education from Cambridge University, which included a dissertation focused on teachers’ perceptions of proof and the pedagogical implications.

    Ben Woolley

    Ben has 10 years' experience teaching A Level Maths and Further Maths and most recently taught at Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge. He has a degree in Mathematical Sciences from Oxford University, and a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Masters in Epidemiological Modelling from Cambridge University. Ben has also co-authored 9 textbooks for Cambridge University Press. 

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